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Tombstones are environment modifiers in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare and Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 which will spawn zombies, which will spawn either zombies or Zombie Heroes, similar to what it did in the other games. They appear in Garden Ops, during either special waves or boss wave. If the player gets three of this in Boss Wave, he or she will trigger a Super Tombstone Wave. They can also appear in certain objective which requires the player to destroy all of these. Crazy Dave will say "Troublesome Tombstones! Get rid of them!"


A tombstone has 500 health.


It is best to have one to two of your teammates to destroy the tombstones. If you decide to destroy the tombstones, Chompers are a good idea, especially the spray variants, as when the zombies spawn, they probably will get killed with the spray immediately and can earn you a lot of coins. Place Spikeweeds around the tombstones. As Cactus, you can place Potato Mines around the tombstones, too. As Peashooter, you can bomb it with the Chili Bean Bomb or Sombrero Bean Bomb. As Sunflower, you can use Sunbeam to destroy the tombstones quickly.


  • It is a giant pillar with four skulls on the side with the eyes glowing dark purple, just like the Zombie Gravestone (the skull part).
  • If the player gets three of them on the Zomboss Slots, a Super Tombstone Wave is confirmed, but there will be no cutscene, unlike all other Super Boss Waves.
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