Time Park loading screen

Loading screen

Time Park is a Garden Ops, Graveyard Ops, Solo Ops, Team Vanquish, Vanquish Confirmed!, Suburbination and Gnome Bomb map in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2. This map is essentially an alternate version of Seeds of Time. The map is a lot less linear, containing a hub in the middle of the map with four portals leading off to Azia, Rome, Zgypt, and Dinolandz, with each of these sections having additional portals to adjacent sections.


What do you get when you connect four time periods with intergalactic portals reverse engineered from gnome technology? We're not sure, either.

Golden Gnome locations

For the first Golden Gnome, enter the Zgypt Portal and follow the stream on the right, which leads to a grate with a Gnome inside. For the second Gnome, enter the Rome Portal and head to the right. Next to the Seeds of Time Portal, there is a Mushroom Button covered in vines. Shoot it and a Golden Gnome will appear on the pedestal below.


In Team Vanquish and Vanquish Confirmed!, it is wise to control the middle part of the map. This is because it will provide you access to the other areas of the map. Make sure you constantly revive your teammate and stay in healing groups. If you do not have control of the middle it is a likely chance you will get vanquished easily. If you fail to control the middle of Time Park it will be harder to heal you and your teammates. Most of the other areas in Time Park have ample cover and serviceable high ground, making classes like Cactus and Captain Deadbeard good choices.

Ultimately, plants usually have the advantage on this map because of fast plants like Peashooters being able to arrive there first, as well as spawning closer to the portal. If the zombies want to win, there's the possibility that many Imps will have to be used, due to the power of their Z-Mechs. However beware, as you'll be vanquished more easily since Imps only have 75 health. Though, they can get on the middle top spot, if they are not vanquished first.