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This article is about content available solely in the People's Republic of China.
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Tiger Imp is a zombie in the Chinese version of Plants vs. Zombies 2. It is first encountered in Kongfu World - Day 16. It is summoned by Gunpowder Devil. It has a rocket which can make it flies straight to your house really fast. The player must swipe the rocket or use Blover or Hurrikale to get rid of it. If the player uses his or her finger, when dropped down, it will then proceed as an Imp with triple speed.


Tiger Imp seems to be a Imp Monk in tiger suit, with a rocket tied to its back.


Tiger Imps are very dangerous and are summoned by the Gunpowder Devil. The rockets on its back can only be destroyed with a swipe of a finger. Then, it proceeds on foot, with the speed of a Zombie Chicken. Bring the Coconut Cannon, Melon-pult, five-headed Pea Pod, and Torchwood to deal with it or Snow Pea to reduce its speed to that of Jetpack Zombie. Beware, if you fail to swipe or blow away its rocket, it will make you lose. Blovers and Hurrikales can blow away flying Tiger Imps at the same time with just 50 or 100 sun respectively. However, most of the time, they are extremely fragile, and will die in your defenses (after you swipe them).



  • It has the speed of a Zombie Chicken.
  • Tiger Imp, Camel Zombies (in Mummy Memory) and Missile Zombie are the only zombies that can be directly interacted with, unless counting powerups.
    • Zombies in Whack a Zombie have to be clicked or tapped on to be defeated as well.
  • Tiger Imp, Bug Bot Imp, Imp Monk Zombie, Leprechaun Imp, Imp Dragon Zombie, Imp Mermaid Zombie, Yeti Imp, Lost City Imp, Impunk, and Jurassic Imp can appear on their own. The other Imp variants are thrown from Gargantuar's back, or appear with another type of zombie.
  • Once this zombie interacts with a plant and starts eating, it eats like a normal Imp, but apparently has a faster animation, despite not eating the plant any quicker than a normal Imp, which eat plants faster than any other zombie.
    • This happens in the reverse with Jurassic Imp, eating plants twice as fast but with the normal Imp eating animation speed.
  • Tiger Imp is currently the only variant of Imp that flies (except Imps thrown by Gargantuar).
    • However, Imp Monk can float over plants.
  • So far, this is the fastest Imp in the entire Plants vs. Zombies series.

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