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According to my research,
a plague has swept this era.
This article is about something that is no longer available. Therefore, it is archived.


Thrilling the Zombies
Thrilling the Zombies Thrilling the Zombies
Hypnotize the lead Dancing Zombie.

Difficulty: Somewhat easy

Thrilling the Zombies (previously known as Walk This Way) is an achievement unlockable on the old iOS and Steam versions of Plants vs. Zombies. It requires the player to hypnotize a Dancing Zombie. This is the equivalent of the Disco is Undead achievement in newer versions of the game. It was replaced by Disco is Undead after the Dancing Zombie got redesigned.


See Disco is Undead.



  • The name is a tribute to Michael Jackson's album Thriller, since the old Dancing Zombie was based on Thriller.
  • The achievement's previous name is a possible reference to the song Walk This Way, a song by the American rock band Aerosmith.

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