• Hi I have a problem with the game and can't find an answer on Google.

    Basically sometimes on the roof levels the game randomly bugged out and said "The zombies ate your brains" when no zombies had got through to the chimney. I think it happened only when the bungee zombies came.

    Usually when I restarted the level if I was lucky this wouldn't happen and I completed the levels.

    Now I'm on Level 5-5 and every time I start the level, before any plants have even come along the  conveyor belt, the game goes DUN DUN DUN THE ZOMBIES ATE YOUR BRAINS as soon as the bungee zombie appears. This happens every time before I've even faced any zombies or been able to plant any plants. If I restart the level straight away, or if I exit to the main menu and start again, it still happens.

    I've had some other problems such as the aspect ratio being wrong for my phone but this one takes the biscuit! Can anyone help?

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