The Jettisons is an achievement in Plants vs. Zombies 2. It requires the player to clear out or blow away 30 or more Jetpack Zombies in one level using Blovers. It is worth 10 points on Game Center for iOS Devices and 500 XP on Android devices.


Its name is a portmanteau of the cartoon The Jetsons and "jettison," which means to discard from an aircraft, which references getting rid of flying zombies.


You can attempt getting far in Terror from Tomorrow, and when there is a huge wave use Blover. Keep in mind you have to blow away Jetpack Zombies, you aren't doing the Blover combo.

If you do not plan on playing Terror from Tomorrow too much, remember that this achievement works on any other zombie. As a result, Ancient Egypt - Day 18 (Last Stand 1) is an excellent idea in doing the achievement, as there are a lot of zombies in that level. The player just has to use two columns of Snapdragons combined with Wall-nuts (Snapdragons are short ranged, making them ideal for this choice as they do not kill zombies from far away) and plant a Spring Bean behind their defenses and when enough zombies swarm the screen, use Plant Food on Spring Bean and immediately plant a Blover which blows them all away.

Dead Man's Booty is also an alternative to earn this achievement. It must be done on a four-flag level. The probability is 30% chance. On that level also, either Swashbuckler Zombies, Seagull Zombies, Imp Cannons, or Pirate Captain Zombies must be present so it can be completed easily.

Temple of Bloom can also be used due to the high appearances of Bug Zombies and Relic Hunter Zombies.

This achievement, like many others, can be completed on a Piñata Party, although the chance that at least 30 Jetpack Zombies will appear on one is small.

Keep in mind that you do not need to clear out 30 zombies at once, just in a single level.


  • Despite saying that Jetpack Zombies have to be blown away, any other zombies in mid-air also count, making it possible to obtain it via the Spring Bean and Blover combo, in which the player feeds Plant Food to a Spring Bean and uses a Blover soon after.

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