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According to my research,
a plague has swept this era.
This article is about something that is no longer available. Therefore, it is archived.
The Boonies
The first map in Plants vs. Zombies Adventures PeashooterASunflowerAAspearagusAWall-nutA
5 levels ⋅ Available at the beginning of the game ZombieAConehead ZombieA

The BooniesMapStamp
Plants vs. Zombies Adventures

The Boonies

The map of The Boonies.
Game Plants vs. Zombies Adventures
Number of levels 5
New plants PeashooterA SunflowerA AspearagusA Wall-nutA
New zombies ZombieA Conehead ZombieA
To unlock Available of the beginning of the game
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The Boonies was the first map stage of Plants vs. Zombies Adventures. It had five levels. It introduced the Conehead Zombie to the player. The player must go through two to four levels to get the Fog-a-majig, and five levels to get Wall-nut.


The Boonies contained five stages.

No. Zombies Zombucks Experience-Icon
1 ZombieA 50 6
2 ZombieA 75 10
3 ZombieA Conehead ZombieA 100 10
4 ZombieA Conehead ZombieA 150 15
5 ZombieA Conehead ZombieA 200 20



  • This is the only map where the player receives the item to unlock a lot before finishing it.
  • The Boonies is one of three maps where two zombies are encountered instead of one, with the others being Sweaty Palms and Mildew Meadow.
  • The Boonies has only five levels, which makes it the shortest map.
  • The player unlocks the most plants in the game here.
  • A serious glitch can occur when the player has unlocked level 4. Even if the player had already completed level 3, the game forces the player to choose level 3 again. After the player chose their plants, the cursor became unclickable when the Start Battle button is clicked.
  • The postcard resembles the “Greetings from New York” postcard.
  • The name is a reference to the movie "The Goonies".

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