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A built teleporter

Not to be confused with Teleport.

The teleporter is an object in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare and Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 only appearing in Gardens & Graveyards and Garden Ops. It is an environment modifier that allows zombies to quickly transport themselves closer to the Garden. Its plant counterpart is the portal in Garden Warfare 2.


Teleporter consists of two parts, an entrance located near the zombie spawn and an exit which is located at a randomly chosen build spot. They can be destroyed by any form of damage dealt by plants; however, they can also be rebuilt. The plant that lands the final hit on the teleporter will be rewarded with 100 coins in Garden Warfare and some XP in Garden Warfare 2. The teleporters can only be built by Engineers, and they can only be built from their location. The Engineer will gain 100 coins (Garden Warfare) or XP (Garden Warfare 2) for building it (or rebuilding it), and after that, the player that builds the teleporter will gain 10 coins (Garden Warfare) or XP (Garden Warfare 2) for every zombie that uses it. It takes five seconds to build and it will work until its destroyed on the objective is captured (Garden Warfare only).

In Gardens & Graveyards, teleporters spawn in one of two possible build spots (two for each garden) and will remain there until the garden is captured (Garden Warfare only). In Garden Ops, a teleporter may spawn in a random location at the start of a wave or during a wave, after which it will generate an endless amount of zombies until it is destroyed. When a teleporter spawns, it will appears on the HUD display.

Teleporters will always have Zombot Turrets (buildable in Gardens & Graveyards and automatically spawned in Garden Ops) placed in strategic locations around them.


A teleporter has 500 health (though they have 300 health in Garden Ops)


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