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They can be tough nuts to crack.
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Team Setup is a option to set up and change teams in solo and private battles in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2. The option allows you to change the types of Plants and Zombies on each side, which can make the battles easier, harder, crazier or funner.

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Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2 Solo Play Team Setup Options - Live From PopCap

​Types of Teams


  • None - No Plants will appear.
  • Plants Attack - The team consists of all the playable Plants in the game.
  • Classic Plants - Consists of just the default Peashooter, Chomper, Sunflower and Cactus.
  • New Plant Heroes - Consists of just default Citron, Rose and Kernel Corn.
  • Fire and Ice - Consists of Plants with a fire or an ice elemental effect.
  • Cactus Surprise - Consists of only the Cactus and all her variants.
  • Chomper Brigade - Consists of only the Chomper and all his variants except Disco Chomper.
  • Mighty Citron - Consists of only Citron and all his variants except Party Citron.
  • Revenge of the Cobs - Consists of only Kernel Corn and all his variants except Party Corn.
  • 101st Peashooter Division - Consists of only the Peashooter and all his variants.
  • Rose Infusion - Consists of only Rose and all her variants except Party Rose.
  • Sunflowers of Happiness - Consists of only the Sunflower and all her variants.
  • Seven Plants - Consists of only the seven base characters and no variants.
  • It's Electric - Consists of only the Plant electric variants.
  • Cobs and Robbers - Consists of only Law Peas, Bandit Cacti and Mob Cobs.
  • Future Fighters - Consists of only Armor Chompers, BBQ Corns, Metal Petals, Plasma Peas, Alien Flowers and Future Cacti.


  • None - No Zombies will appear.
  • Zombie Invasion - Consists of all the playable Zombies in the game.
  • Classic Zombies - Consists of just the default Foot Soldier, Engineer, Scientist and All-Star.
  • New Zombie Heroes - Consists of just the default Imp, Captain Deadbeard and Super Brainz.
  • Nature Zombies - Consists of only Baseball Stars, Camo Rangers, Landscapers, Park Rangers and Archaeologists.
  • Engineer Overload - Consists of only the Engineer and all his variants.
  • All-Star Heroes - Consists of only the All-Star and all his variants.
  • Imp Invasion - Consists of only the Imp and all his variants except Party Imp and Z7 Imp.
  • Pirate Ho! - Consists of only Captain Deadbeard and all his variants except Captain Partyman.
  • For Science! - Consists of only the Scientist and all his variants except Computer Scientist.
  • Super Soldiers - Consists of only the Foot Soldier and all his variants.
  • League of Super Brainz - Consists of only Super Brainz and all his variants except Toxic Brainz, Party Brainz and Breakfast Brainz.
  • Undercover - Consists of only Camo Rangers, Park Rangers and Landscapers.
  • 2 & a half Zombies - Consists of only the Foot Soldier, Scientist and Imp and all their variants.
  • Supremo's Revenge - Consists of only General Supremos.
  • Seven Zombies - Consists of only the seven base Zombies and none of their variants.
  • Z7 Invasion - Consists of only Z7 Imps.
  • Historians - Consists of General Supremos, Scuba Soldiers, Centurions, Archaeologists, Paleontologists, and all Captain Deadbeard variants.
  • Fire and Ice Zombies - Consists of only Zombies with a fire or an ice elemental effect.
  • Cosmic Overload - Consists of only Cozmic Brainz.