For other uses, see Tallnut (disambiguation). For a similar looking plant in Plants vs. Zombies 2, see Coconut Cannon.

Tallnut Cannon

Tallnut Cannon is a plant in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare. It looks and acts very similarly to Coconut Cannons, except they fire Tallnuts, instead of coconuts. They only appear in the Gardens & Graveyards sub-mode, Wall-nut Hills and Wall-nut Hills Night.



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Tallnut Cannon in the game

It is a good idea to try and keep these alive, as they can help a lot by shooting instant-kill Tall-nuts. These can often delay the zombies. If you find a zombie teleporter, destroy it as soon as possible as zombies can easily come into the mansion and destroy the Tallnut Cannons before you can destroy the teleporter. Be warned that the Tallnuts can kill plants too. If you are any type of Peashooter it is a good idea to use the Hyper or Super Pea Jump if you find a Tallnut coming your way. The player should avoid rooting anywhere where the Tallnut can hit you otherwise you will easily be vanquished. A Chomper can burrow to avoid getting hit by them.


Once you can, it is useful to shoot at them until they are gone, making it easier for other zombies to get in the mansion; (although note this is almost useless once a Engineer manages to make a teleporter, but it still is a good idea to destroy them as a plant can often destroy the teleporter). If you are an Engineer it is advised that you should use Jackhammer to go faster and dodge Tallnuts (which would be nearly impossible without some kind of speed boost). It also may be a good idea to spawn Flag Zombies as they give a small speed boost to nearby zombies which can help avoid the annoying Tallnuts. If you are a Scientist, it is always a good idea to use Warp to help dodge Tall-nuts. As an All-Star, you could use your Sprint Tackle to avoid one, but then it takes time to recharge. Alternatively, place a shield to prevent the Tall-nut from hitting you. Foot Soldiers can use Rocket Jump over the Tallnuts. As a Tank Commander, you are able to destroy the tall nuts within a few shots, but will cause it to spin in a dramatically different location, which could kill teammates. However, any Foot Soldier will do; they can destroy Tall-nuts with ZPGs and can jump over them with Rocket Jump.



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