Taco Bandits is a game mode on Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare which was released in the Legends of the Lawn DLC update. The plants must defend their three tacos from zombies until the time runs out.


For Team Plants

You must defend the Taco Stand from the zombies, and also do not let zombies get the tacos to Zomboss's UFO three times, or else you will lose. The tacos takes 5 seconds to reset to its base.

For Team Zombies

You must get the taco from the Taco Stand, you cannot use any abilities while having the taco. You have to get a taco to Zomboss's UFO three times to win. Also, do not forget only one zombie can take a taco each time, so to get another taco you will have to wait for the zombie with the taco to be vanquished or the zombie to take it to the UFO. As Scientist, Warp just before picking up the taco. As All-Star, Sprint Tackle simply into the taco stand.