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You must find all of them in Plants vs. Zombies series or the zombies will eat your brains!

Survival: Roof (Endless) is a hidden level that is in the Limbo Page. It can only be accessed on Cheat Engine. The player can also unlock it by changing the game mode of Survival: Roof or Survival: Roof (Hard).

How to access it

There was a page of mini-games which were cancelled before the release of the game, called the Limbo Page. The creator did not publish a visible link to this page.

Gain Access to Limbo Page

Add three addresses and change all the value to 144.

For Plants vs Zombies (Old Steam Version)
Address Name Type Original Value Edited Value
42DF5D Byte 136 144
42DF5E Byte 89 144
42DF5F Byte 84 144
For Game of the Year Version
Address Name Type Original Value Edited Value
430C80 Byte 136 144
430C81 Byte 88 144
430C82 Byte 100 144

see video tutorial.

Renaming Saved File

This can be played by renaming saved file in userdata. No need to use Cheat Engine.

1. Pick your plants in Survival: Roof (Hard) then leave the game.

2. Go to the userdata folder C:\ProgramData\PopCap Games\PlantsVsZombies\userdata and rename game#_10 to game#_13 (# is the user number so look for game1_10 if user 1)

3. Go to Survival: Endless and play it.

Survival: Roof Night (Endless)

Survival: Endless on the roof during nighttime. This can be played by renaming saved file in userdata. No need to use Cheat Engine.

1. Play Dr. Zomboss Revenge until you have enough plants and Dr. Zomboss is about to attack.

2. Go to userdata and rename game#_35 to game#_30. (# is the user number e.g. game1_35 if user 1)

3. Go to Whack a Zombie and hit Dr. Zomboss when he is about to attack. Earn 350-500 sun by hitting zombies.

4. Rename game#_30 to game#_10.

5. Go to Survival: Roof (Hard) and play it until flag 8.

6. Rename game#_10 to game#_13 and continue it in Survival: Endless.


†: Strategy page

†: That mini-game is not shown in Limbo page.

*: That mini-game is playable without needing to access the Limbo Page.

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