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Super Guided Ultra Ball is an ability for Super Brainz. It is an alternate ability for the Super Ultra Ball. It was officially put into Rux's Bazaar during the November 10 - November 13th time period. This ability is a homing type of ability similar to Rose. Some differences include the fact that it travels slower than its normal counterpart, explodes when it travels a certain distance, and, as its description suggests, chases Plants once fired. Unlike the other abilities, this ability uses a special reticle that appears when the ability is activated. The only downside is that it can only chase one plant aimed at.

Stickerbook description

"Tired of Plants dodging your fireballs? Worry no longer! The Super Guided Ultra Ball maybe slow but sure packs a punch, AND it chases plants!"


Never ever use this from afar. This will give your opponent enough time to escape. Use it close since it lacks speed. Up close, however, you do not need to aim this much as this will relentlessly home in on enemies.



  • It is the second ability exclusive to Rux's Bazaar. The first is Pizzazzling Potato Mine; however, the Pizzazzling Potato Mine has no upgrades over the standard Potato Mine.
  • Its description has an error. "Maybe" should be split into "may be," as "maybe" in this situation is not grammatically correct.
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