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Super Duper Brainz is a Top Zombie in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2. He is seen after the player goes through the Super Brainz portal in the Backyard Battleground. He gives the player a set of quests to complete before giving the Super Brainz badge along with either Super Duper Brainz giving a key to another top zombie portal or telling the player to go to Dr. Zomboss' lair where they will meet Dr. Fizzician.


Sidekick Tryouts

Special Ops: Prove your worth to Super Duper Brainz by defending a tombstone on Boney Island.

League of Awesome

Help Super Duper Brainz find his Super Duper Friends. Unite the League of Awesome.

The Bean Situation

Join up with the League of Awesome and fight their super duper rival!


  • Super Duper Brainz thinks all of the current events is a mega movie set starring him.
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