Sunday Edition Zombie is a zombie encountered in Modern Day of Plants vs. Zombies 2. He is an upgraded version of Newspaper Zombie with his newspaper having more health.

Almanac entry

Sunday Edition Zombie

SPEED: Hungry

The newspaper protects zombies, who becomes enraged when it is destroyed.

Sunday Edition Zombie REALLY loves the comics section, which is why his rage is so all-consuming when it is torn to tatters before he's finished reading it.


Modern Day - Days 39, 40, 43, and 44


The Sunday Edition Zombie absorbs 93.5 normal damage shots in total. He degrades at 24, 48, 72 (by that point, the newspaper is destroyed), and 83 normal damage shots. He dies at 93.5 normal damage shots.


This is a very dangerous zombie; he has all of the deadly capabilities of the Newspaper Zombie, but his increased health makes him one of the most deadly and hardest to defeat zombies in Modern Day. Instant kill plants like Grimrose are the best way to get rid of him, especially if there are multiple Sunday Edition Zombies on the field. Shadow-shroom is also effective for getting rid of him.

Slowing them with plants such as Sap-fling or Winter Melon or freezing them with Stunion or Iceberg Lettuce can help to mitigate damage caused by him. Hurrikale and Chard Guard are also good as they can knock him back, giving you more time to handle him.

If you can, hypnotize them to use their health/rage to your advantage.



  • The zombie is based on how usually the Sunday newspaper is larger.
    • In addition, its description refers to the Sunday newspaper comics. It's usually a tradition for the newspaper comics to be larger and allow for more panels on Sundays.
    • Newspaper Zombie's repeatable quest implies that Newspaper Zombies dislike the comics section; with the statement: "They already threw out the comics section!" Ironically, this zombie "REALLY loves" it.
  • There's an Egyptian Treasure Yeti on his newspaper.
  • When its newspaper is rotated 180 degrees, the newspaper's front cover is really the back cover, and thus, the title is at the end.
  • On his Almanac icon, the word "FOUND!" can be seen written in white text below (above if the newspaper is rotated 180 degrees) the image of the Egyptian Treasure Yeti. However, this is not present anywhere else in-game.
  • On his picture in the mail inbox, he is not holding his regular newspaper, but he is not holding Newspaper Zombie's newspaper either. Instead, he seems to be holding a unique newspaper with a smaller, black-and-white image of the Egyptian Treasure Yeti on it.
  • He is the only veteran zombie to appear in the Chinese version.
  • In the Chinese version, his eating speed does not increase when enraged. The same applies to Newspaper Zombie.

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