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Sun-shrooms give small sun at first and normal sun later.


25 sun



Sun production:

Low, then normal




Sleeps during the day


After beating level 2-1

Planted on:

Ground, Lily Pad, or Flower Pot

The Sun-shroom is an alternative to the Sunflower for use at night when sun is more difficult to come by. It is introduced after the night Stage 2-1.
New Sun-Shroom almanac
TheqmaynAdded by Theqmayn
Sun-shroom Seed Packet in the iPad version

Suburban Almanac Entry


Sun-shrooms give small sun at first and normal sun later.

Sun production: low, then normal

Sleeps during the day

Sun-shroom hates sun. He hates it so much that when it builds up in his system, he spits it out as fast as he can. He just won't abide it. To him, sun is crass.

Cost: 25

Recharge: fast


Place as you would a Sunflower, but be aware that in exchange for its cheaper cost, the Sun-shroom only produces 15 sun (instead of 25) for the first two minutes, after which the Sun-shroom grows to full size and begins to produce 25 sun at a time.


Sun-shrooms are vital during the night. Even though they only produce 15 sun at the two first minutes, they quickly grow t
You got a Sun-shroom
o full size. Additionally, because of the lower cost, two can be planted immediately giving an income of 30 sun, which gives you sun at a more efficient rate than a Sunflower. The Sun-shroom should be used on every regular night and fog level due to the lack of sun and its efficiency. The lack of an upgrade for it does hinder it in Survival Mode, however.


A whole row of sleeping Sun-shrooms
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Imitater Sun-shroom
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  • The Sun-shroom is the only mushroom that smiles.
Cardboard Mature Sun-shroom
Cardboard Sun-shroom
  • The Sun-shroom, the Sea-shroom and the Puff-shroom are the only plants which, when planted, may be off-center of a square on the lawn or water. They may get planted slightly to the left or right.
  • The Sun-shroom is the only plant with no shadow in the Almanac.
  • In the Almanac, it says that Sun-shroom hates sun so much that it gets thrown out of the system when it is produced.
  • The Sun-shroom, Potato Mine, Imitater, and Scaredy-shroom are the only plants to change form without being eaten.
  • The Sun-shroom will grow in full size after it has produced 5 small sun (10 for online version).
    • However, on the online version, Sun-shroom produces sun significantly faster than Sunflower (about twice as fast), so it still takes the same amount of time to mature as Sun-shroom for any other version.
  • The Sun-shroom also makes a cameo appearance in the introduction of Peggle Nights, a game also made by PopCap Games.
  • The Sun-shroom, the Twin Sunflower, the Puff-shroom, the Sunflower, the Sea-shroom and Imitater versions of them are the only plants not allowed to be used in Last Stand and Last Stand Puzzle Mode.
  • The Sun-shroom seems to be the "main" mushroom because it is shown in the achievements Good Morning and No Fungus Among Us, similar to how the Sunflower is the main symbol of the plants.
    • This may happen because it is extremely useful in any Nighttime level,just like Sunflower is extremely useful in any daytime level.
  • This, along with the Sunflower, Twin Sunflower, Flower Pot, Lily Pad, Plantern, Marigold, Coffee Bean, and the Gold Magnet are the only plants that have neither offensive nor defensive capabilities.
  • He is among the plants with an unconfirmed ability to speak.
  • Sun-shroom will possibly return in Plants vs. Zombies 2 in Dark Ages.

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