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Sun PvZ2

Sun in Plants vs. Zombies.

Sun PvZ2

Sun in Plants vs. Zombies 2: It's About Time.


Sun in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare.

Sun is a type of resource in the Plants vs. Zombies series that the player needs to build up players' defenses (and zombies in I, Zombie). It is essential to create defenses against zombies. It falls from the sky (daytime areas only) and is produced by sun-producing plants. It is the plants' equivalent to brains.

During nighttime levels, sun is mostly got through sun-producing plants.

In Plants vs. Zombies, the player can also get sun from zombies (Last Stand levels) and vases (Vasebreaker Endless).

In Plants vs. Zombies 2: It's About Time, sun can also appear from tombstones in Dark Ages and vases in Vasebreaker.


Sun in Plants vs. Zombies Adventures.


Sun in the Nintendo DS version.




A Sunflower.


A Sun-shroom.

Twin Sunflower1

A Twin Sunflower.

Each plant costs a certain amount of sun to plant, limiting the number of plants you can place on the lawn at a time. Your planting is also limited by the recharge or the "cool-down" rate of the seed packets. Also, upgrade plants cannot be planted unless the plant of which they are an upgrade of have already been planted, even if you have enough sun for them. The only plants that do not cost sun to plant are the Puff-shroom, its aquatic counterpart the Sea-shroom, and Imitater versions of them; and in Plants vs. Zombies 2: It's About Time also includes Iceberg Lettuce, Grave Buster, and Hot Potato.


Sun is obtained from sun-producing plants, such as the Sunflower, Twin Sunflower and Sun-shroom and falls from the sky every ten seconds when it is day-time. Sun Bean also has sun producing effects but despite the other sun producing plants, it does not directly produce sun. Sun Bean causes the zombie that has eaten it to burst out tiny sun for every damage it takes. The player starts every ordinary level with 50 sun, which is enough for one Sunflower. During the Night, Fog and Dark Ages levels, sun-producers are the only way to obtain sun, so some of these plants must be planted to obtain more than the starting 50 sun. Sunflowers produce a normal sun, Twin Sunflowers produce two normal sun, and Sun-shrooms produce small sun until they grow, after which they produce normal sun, growing once more to produce big sun in Plants vs. Zombies 2: It's About Time. Additionally, in Whack a Zombie, Zombiquarium, and Last Stand, zombies can drop sun.

Conveyor-belt levels

The player cannot obtain any sun in these levels. Instead, they are supplied with plants that come up from a conveyor belt, which do not cost any sun.

Types of sun

Normal sun

Normal sun gives the player 25 sun (50 in Plants vs. Zombies 2: It's About Time). It is the most common form of sun and is given by all Sun-producing plants. It falls from the sky in most game modes.

Small sun

Small sun is given to you from Sun-shrooms until they grow and are worth 15 sun each (25 in Plants vs. Zombies 2: It's About Time).

Big sun

Big sun falls from the sky in mini game Sunny Day. It is worth 50 sun each. It is a larger version of normal sun.

Tiny sun

Tiny sun is worth five sun. Zombies that have eaten Sun Bean produce tiny sun when damaged. It is also given when a plant is removed after a Shovel Refund bonus has been given, providing 25%-75% of the plant's original Sun cost. The maximum amount of sun refund possible without purchasing with real money is 50%, and an additional 25% is available for USD $3.99. Free plants will never drop tiny sun, as they do not cost any sun to plant, and plants before Last Stand waves are started will instead reward 100% of the original cost, regardless of already existent sun refunds.

Large sun

Large sun is obtained from full grown Sun-shrooms in Plants vs. Zombies 2: It's About Time. It is worth 75 sun.

Sun bombs

Sun bombs fall from the sky in Sun Bombs. They are purple until they touch the ground, after then it reverts to normal sun. If the sun bomb is tapped while it is still purple, any plants or zombies nearby will take damage and the player will not be given any sun.

Sun Card

Sun card in Endless Zones.

Sun costs

Plants vs. Zombies


Plant Sun cost Notes
Peashooter 100
Sunflower 50
Cherry Bomb 150
Wall-nut 50
Potato Mine 25
Snow Pea 175 150 in Versus Mode, 100 in Heavy Weapon
Chomper 150
Repeater 200 150 in Versus Mode
Puff-shroom 0
Sun-shroom 25
Fume-shroom 75
Grave Buster 75
Hypno-shroom 75
Scaredy-shroom 25
Ice-shroom 75
Doom-shroom 125 200 in Heavy Weapon
Lily Pad 25
Squash 50 75 in Versus Mode
Threepeater 325 200 in Versus Mode, 400 in Heavy Weapon
Tangle Kelp 25
Jalapeno 125
Spikeweed 100
Torchwood 175 125 in Versus Mode and in Heavy Weapon
Tall-nut 125
Sea-shroom 0
Plantern 25
Cactus 125 100 in Versus Mode
Blover 100
Split Pea 125
Starfruit 125 175 in Versus Mode
Pumpkin 125
Magnet-shroom 100
Cabbage-pult 100
Flower Pot 25
Kernel-pult 100
Coffee Bean 75 25 in Versus Mode
Garlic 50 75 in Versus Mode
Umbrella Leaf 100
Marigold 50
Melon-pult 300
Gatling Pea 250 Plus 200 for Repeater
Twin Sunflower 150 Plus 50 for Sunflower
Gloom-shroom 150 Plus 75 for Fume-shroom
Cattail 225 Plus 25 for Lily Pad, 200 in Heavy Weapon
Winter Melon 200 Plus 300 for Melon-pult
Gold Magnet 50 Plus 100 for Magnet-shroom
Spikerock 125 Plus 100 for Spikeweed
Cob Cannon 500 Plus 200 for two 100 sun Kernel-pults
Imitater Depends on plant being imitated


Zombie Sun cost
Zombie 50
Conehead Zombie 75
Pole Vaulting Zombie 75
Buckethead Zombie 125
Screen Door Zombie 100
Football Zombie 175
Dancing Zombie 350
Balloon Zombie 150
Digger Zombie 125
Bungee Zombie 125
Ladder Zombie 150
Gargantuar 300
Imp 50
Untitled 3

Having the maximum amount of sun.

In Survival: Endless, the sun cost of each upgrade plant will increase by 50 for every one of those planted. For example, the player's first Cattail will cost 225 Sun, but their second Cattail will cost 275 Sun.

Plants vs. Zombies Adventures

Note: VIPs do not cost any sun.

Plant Sun cost
Peashooter 100
Sunflower 50
Aspearagus 125
Wall-nut 50
Cherry Bomb 150
Popcorn 50
Beet 100
Snow Pea 125
Jalapeño 100
Magnet Plant 100
Flaming Pea 125
Shamrock 125
Bamboo Shoot 175
Repeater 100
Chilly Pepper 100
Twin Sunflower 50

Plants vs. Zombies 2: It's About Time

Plant Sun cost
Peashooter 100
Sunflower 50
Wall-nut 50
Potato Mine 25
Cabbage-pult 100
Bloomerang 175
Grave Buster 0
Iceberg Lettuce 0
Twin Sunflower 125
Bonk Choy 150
Repeater 200
Kernel-pult 100
Snapdragon 150
Spikeweed 100
Coconut Cannon 400
Spring Bean 50
Cherry Bomb 150
Spikerock 250
Threepeater 300
Split Pea 125
Chili Bean 50
Lightning Reed 125
Tall-nut 125
Pea Pod 125
Melon-pult 325
Winter Melon 500
Laser Bean 200
Blover 50
Citron 350
E.M.Peach 25
Infi-nut 75
Magnifying Grass 50
Tile Turnip 0, then 250, then doubles
Sun-shroom 25
Puff-shroom 0
Fume-shroom 125
Sun Bean 50
Magnet-shroom 100
Lily Pad 25
Tangle Kelp 25
Bowling Bulb 200
Guacodile 125
Banana Launcher 500
Hot Potato 0
Pepper-pult 200
Chard Guard 75
Stunion 25
Rotobaga 150

Chinese version

Plant Sun cost
Heavenly Peach 125
Fire Gourd 200
White Radish 50
Bamboo Shoot 175
Carrot Missile Truck 450
Dandelion 200
Vigorous Broccoli 150
Oak Archer 275
Plantern 25
Coffee Bean 75
Freeze Mushroom 175
Flame Mushroom 225

Premium plants

Plant Sun cost
Squash 50
Imitater Depends on imitated plant
Snow Pea 150
Jalapeno 125
Torchwood 175
Power Lily 175
Starfruit 150
Hypno-shroom 125
Pea-nut 150
Chomper 150
Ghost Pepper 75
Homing Thistle 250
Sweet Potato 300
Sap-fling 150
Hurrikale 100
Fire Peashooter


Dandelion 275

Zomboss Test Lab zombies

Zombie Sun cost
Future Zombie 50
Future Conehead Zombie 100
Future Buckethead Zombie 200
Shield Zombie 125
Mecha-Football Zombie 500
Disco-tron 3000 300
Gargantuar Prime 600

Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare

Boss Mode abilities Sun cost
Coconut Spotting Station 75
Revive Rainbow 250
Twin Heal Flower 100
Cherry Strike 250

Plants vs. Zombies Online

Free plants

Plant Sun cost
Peashooter 100, 50 (the first Peashooter only when upgraded)
Sunflower 50, 25 (the first Sunflower only when upgraded)
Wall-nut 50
Potato Mine 25
Cabbage-pult 100
Bloomerang 175
Grave Buster 0
Iceberg Lettuce 0
Magic Vine 200 (150 when upgraded)
Bonk Choy 150
Small Bamboo Cage 150
Carrot Missile 125
Dandelion 200
Venus Flytrap 50
Winter Melon 125
Sod 25
Snapdragon 150
Kernel-pult 100

Upgrade plants

Plant Sun cost
Twin Sunflower 50 + 50
Repeater 100 + 100


  • The maximum amount of sun the player can get is 9990 in Plants vs. Zombies and 9900 in Plants vs. Zombies 2: It's About Time.
    • Seeing Stars is another good way to max out the player's sun. If the player uses Garlic and Spikeweeds, along with a couple of Threepeaters, they can have all of the incoming zombies dying automatically with minimal effort, only needing to replenish a Garlic in the middle row. The rest of the empty squares can be filled with Sunflowers and they can collect sun without worrying about being overrun.
    • However, in the Far Future trailer of Plants vs. Zombies 2: It's About Time, Tile Turnip's cost was 64000 sun. It is impossible for the player to do so. The maximum sun the player can collect is 9900, but Tile Turnip needs to be planted with 16000 sun before the sun cost doubles twice to 64000.
  • The 15 sun increments from a small Sun-shroom, the Sun Bean, and shovel refunds are the only ways to get sun that is not in multiples of 25.
Sunny Day

Big Sun in Sunny Days.

  • In Plants vs. Zombies, Survival: Endless levels and Co-op Endless are the only levels where the cost of plants rises (the cost of upgrade plants rising for every one of each type currently planted on the lawn).
  • In Versus Mode, the zombie's currency is brains which works the same as sun. But in I, Zombie, players can collect sun by eating Sunflowers. That is peculiar since zombies need brains, not sun like plants. If the player digs up a plant, he or she does not get back the sun used to plant it.
  • In Last Stand puzzles and Last Stand in Plants vs. Zombies 2: It's About Time, the player can get back the sun cost of a plant (unless it is damaged).
  • Sun will not fall from the sky during Night, Fog or Dark Ages levels.
  • The sun costs of non-free plants are multiples of 25.
  • In Chinese version, Sun Bombs are worth 50 sun.
  • Sun in the Chinese Version is worth 25 whereas the International is worth 50, making the Chinese version harder.

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