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This article is about something that is no longer available. Therefore, it is archived.

Sultan of Spin was an achievement that could have been unlocked on the old Steam version of Plants vs. Zombies. To achieve it, the player had to upgrade all their plants in Beghouled Twist.


Its name is heavily based on the final rank of Bejeweled Twist with the same name.


This achievement is quite easy, as you only need to upgrade all your plants in Beghouled Twist. Try to create long chains of matches to collect a lot of sun, as you need a lot of it to upgrade all the plants. The minimum sun you can collect is 1875, meaning that it is impossible that you will not be able to do this achievement except if you lose the game. The total amount of sun you need is 1750.


  • It is one of two achievements exclusive to the old Steam version, the other being No-Cob-No-Explode.
    • As a result of being on the old Steam version, it also lacks any actual icon or images. It also shares this trait with No-Cob-No-Explode, making them both the only achievements to lack an icon or image in any releases of the original Plants vs. Zombies. However, other achievements, such as the secret achievements for Plants vs. Zombies Adventures, do also lack icons.

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