Streak Boaster is an achievement in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare. To earn it, the player must earn the 'streak master' boast by vanquishing the highest amount of opposing players without getting vanquished. Plant or zombie NPC kills or assists do not count as a kill towards getting a kill streak.


  • Using a Chili Bean Bomb or ZPG can vanquish many enemies, so it can increase your streak dramatically. 
  • Usually, the highest streak is around four to nine.
  • Camping is a great way to earn easy kills as you can snipe from a long distance. The best characters for this strategy are Tank Commander, Camo Ranger, Camo Cactus, Future Cactus, or Super Commando. The only dangers of this tactic is that Drones can destroy you completely if you are not cautious. Also a far distance may be bad, due to the lack of zoom.
  • A Chomper may also be good for this, as long as you pick off stray zombies. Chemist is not bad, but again, make sure you pick off stray plants. As both, you may want to sneak up on them.