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This article is about content available solely in the People's Republic of China.
For the international version, see Store.
Not to be confused with the store in Plants vs. ZombiesCrazy Dave's Twiddydinkies.
Also not to be confused with the store in Plants vs. Zombies Heroes, which can be seen here.

Store's icon

The store serves as a general shop in the Chinese version of Plants vs. Zombies 2 where real life money and diamonds can be used to purchase Puzzle Pieces, diamonds, with regular and Star coins. In the 1.6.6 version, star coins were added for the arrival of PvP Mode. When a player purchases diamonds or coins of any kind, they will be given an extra amount of that certain currency, which is marked red under the option to buy any pack, excluding the cheapest pack available. Coins and Puzzle Pieces can be bought with gems. Similar to the international version, gems have to paid with real-life money.

Buying gems will give the player special benefits. If the player spends a certain amount of money, they will unlock unique gifts.There are four types of these gifts, and the player's spent amount of money is listed in a treasure box in the bar where the gifts are exhibited.


Main article: Penny's Treasures

The player can buy Puzzle Pieces for one pack at 35 gems, or ten packs at once for 300 gems. Buying ten packs at once will guarantee the player to have at least one complete plant. The player can get one pack for free once every day, though this will need internet connection. The puzzle pieces the player will get is randomly picked.


The player can buy golden coins for regular in-game use and star coins for PvP Mode. There are three packs for regular coins, while four packs are available for star coins.


Name Amount Gem cost Extra coins given
Coins 10,000 10 N/A
Small Pile of Coins 50,000 50 5000
Big Pile of Coins 100,000 100 30,000


Name Amount Gem Cost Extra coins given
Coins 500 50 N/A
Small Pile of Coins 1500 160 500
Medium Pile of Coins 5000 600 2500
Big Pile of Coins 20,000 2000 20,000


In this section of the store, diamonds have to be bought with real-life money, unlike coins.

Name Amount Money cost Extra diamonds given
Medium Bag of Diamonds* 60 6 RMB N/A
Big Bag of Diamonds* 300 30 RMB 30
Small Box of Diamonds 680 68 RMB 100
Big Box of Diamonds 1280 128 RMB 250

An option marked with * can also be reached through quick gem shop menu.

Premium gifts

Spending a certain amount of real-life money will give the player extra gifts.

Gift Money spent Usage
Double coins 2 RMB Coins from Money bags are doubled, giving the player 2000 coins.
Plant Pack 10 RMB Randomly gives the player a plant that normally costs coins
Turbo Button 20 RMB Unlocks the Turbo Button
Cherry Bomb2C 30 RMB Gives the player a Level 3 Cherry Bomb