For the version in Plants vs. Zombies Heroes, see Goat.
For the Delivery Version, see Zomburger Artist.
For the unlockable class, see Hover Goat-3000.

Stinky Goat is a new character variant in Garden Warfare 2 that zombies get turned into when Rose uses its Goatify ability on them or when the Royal Hypno-Flower is at a certain stage of health. They are weak and have the ability to ram plants and to jump, with its other abilities being just useless gestures.

Primary weapon

While under the effects of Goatify, the player gains a unique attack named Stinky Goat Ram. When used, it will tackle any plant in front of them, doing 25 damage and knocking them back.


Easy: 30

Normal: 40

Hard: 50


This only applies to goats who aren't Goatified zombies.


Goat Scratch

Goat Scratch is the first ability for Stinky Goat. It is a gesture ability which when used, makes the player scratch itself, doing absolutely nothing.

Goat Jump

Goat Jump is the second ability of the Stinky Goat. It makes the player jump slightly higher when used.

Goat Bleat

Goat Bleat is the third and final ability of the Stinky Goat. It is a gesture ability which when used, it makes the player bleat, doing absolutely nothing.



When turned into a Stinky Goat, you become weaker and left with no damage-dealing abilities, so you will likely not stand a chance against a plant in any situation, unless your opponent is heavily damaged. Otherwise, the best strategy is to run away.

If you are with a group of zombies, you have better chances of survival. In your weakened state, you can help your team by being a distraction and interference for the plants. To do this, you must use your Stinky Goat Ram to knock the plants around and disrupt their group focus, so your teammates can take them out easily.

During the Royal Hypno-Flower battle, it will turn you and your allies (if you summoned AI helpers) into pink versions of the Stinky Goat, that will never transform back into zombies unless Poly Leaves are eaten. Due to being very weak in this state, it's best to run from enemies and eat the Poly Leaves, as once you do, you and your allies turn back to normal. Attacking this boss as this form will pretty much have you vanquished in seconds not only due to lack of a good weapon, the Royal Hypno-Flower is invincible in this phase.

The Stinky Goat Ram may be useful in Gnome Bomb since you can rush towards the objective while you are carrying the bomb. The Stinky Goat Ram can still be used even when the player collects the gnome because it is it's a primary weapon.

Version History

Post Beta

  • Goat Velocity decreased from 10 m/s to 9 m/s



  • All of its abilities start with the word "Goat."
  • A stronger boss version of the Stinky Goat, the Gargoatuar, appears as a boss in the Agent Rose quest "Well That Escalated Quickly."
  • The version of the Royal Hypno-Flower's Stinky Goat has a pink tint, instead of being fully white.
  • In the beta, there was an ability named Goat Kick that was similar to the Goat Jump but also dealt damage. It was replaced by Goat Bleat for unknown reasons.
  • The Stinky Goat is the only character in the game to have usable abilities that do nothing.