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Stars are collectible items in Plants vs. Zombies Heroes, introduced in the 1.2.12 update. Stars allow the player to rank up and enter new leagues in Ranked Mode of Multiplayer.

Stars can only be obtained by winning a match. However, stars can be lost by losing a match. The amount of stars earned and lost is dependent on the player's rank. The amount of stars needed to rank up is based on the player's league. If the player wins a match twice in a row or more, they will obtain a Win Streak Bonus star.


League Rank(s) Stars earned per match Stars lost per match Stars required to rank up Win Streak Bonus Gem reward for ranking up Gem reward for entering league
Wood League 1-4 +2 Stars cannot be lost 10 +1 +20Diamond1 0Diamond1
Bronze League 5-14 +2 -1 10 +1 +30Diamond1 300Diamond1
Silver League 15-29 +1 -1 10 +1 +40Diamond1 400Diamond1
Gold League 30-49 +1 -1 20 0 +50Diamond1 500Diamond1
Diamond League 50 +1 -1 Cannot rank up 0 None 600Diamond1

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