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PuffShroom puff1
PuffShroom puff1

A spore

Spore is the basic projectile fired by Puff-shrooms, Scaredy-shrooms, and Sea-shrooms. Spores are the mushroom equivalent of peas, but without a flaming or frozen variety. There are two kinds of spores which consist Puff-shroom spores, and Scaredy-shroom spores. Scaredy-shroom spores are slightly larger and more ranged than Puff-shroom spores, but they cannot shot at close range, as the Scaredy-shroom hides when a zombie approaches near Scaredy-shroom. In Plants vs. Zombies, all plants that shoot spores cost 25 sun or less. Spores are also produced by Ganoderma, and they do one normal damage shot to zombies.

Spore-shrooms lob spores, which have a different appearance. Each deals 2.5 normal damage shot instead. They dissolve the body of a defeated zombie into a new Spore-shroom.

Other than mushrooms, Rafflesia from the Chinese version of Plants vs. Zombies 2 also creates spores. They are green and much larger, and they travel across the lawn and do a lot of damage to groups of zombies.
DS Spore 2

A spore in the DS version

Spore mushrooms

Spore-shooting mushrooms


A spore being shot to a Pole Vaulting Zombie


  • In the online version of Plants vs. Zombies, when a zombie dies and a Puff-shroom spore doesn't hit it, it can hit a zombie farther than its usual range rather than disappearing. This also happens on the DS version and the FREE version. It seems like it can only see 3 spaces though.
  • The spores resemble fumes.
    • Although fumes look like multiple spores, they still do the same damage of one spore.
  • Although Sea-shroom is green in color, its spore is purple just like those shots by Puff-shrooms and Scaredy-shrooms.
    • Sea-shroom, Cactus, Cob Cannon, and Cattail are the only plants whose projectiles are not similar color as the plants.

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