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PvZH Spark Icon

A spark

Sparks are the crafting currency in Plants vs. Zombies Heroes, introduced in the 1.4.14 update. Sparks can be obtained by recycling premium cards that the player owns, and are used to craft new ones the player chooses, and getting them from Hero Quests.

To craft a card, the player only needs to access a plant/zombie's statistics page in the Collection, and once selected, two choices will appear, craft and recycle. Any of these two options can be reversed until the player leaves the Collection.

The player has to connect to the internet in order to craft cards. If not, after exiting, they won't get any cards and will have their sparks back.

Card prices

Rarity Crafting Recycling
Basic - Common 25 PvZH Spark Icon 0 PvZH Spark Icon1
Premium - Uncommon 50 PvZH Spark Icon 15 PvZH Spark Icon2
Premium - Rare 250 PvZH Spark Icon 50 PvZH Spark Icon
Premium - Super Rare 1000 PvZH Spark Icon 250 PvZH Spark Icon
Premium - Legendary 4000 PvZH Spark Icon 1000 PvZH Spark Icon
Event 1000 PvZH Spark Icon3 250 PvZH Spark Icon4

1. Cannot be recycled
2. 10 PvZH Spark Icon prior to update 1.8.23
3. Only applies to cards made craftable some time after release.
4. 75 PvZH Spark Icon prior to update 1.14.13