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Solar FlareH
Not to be confused with the Solar Flare Beam, an ability of the Sunflower in the Garden Warfare series.
For Solar Flare, basking the sun is where it's at. But watch out! With all that solar power, she'll bring a whole lot of bloom...and BOOM!

Dr. Zomboss

PvZ Heroes logo
Solar Flare
Solar FlareH
Classes PvZH Kabloom IconPvZH Solar Icon
Signature Superpower Sunburn
Other Superpowers Weed Whack
More Spore
Scorched Earth
When she's on fire, she's on FIRE. And so are the Zombies.

Solar Flare is a plant hero in Plants vs. Zombies Heroes, and the leader of the PvZH Kabloom IconKabloom and PvZH Solar IconSolar classes. Her signature superpower is Sunburn, which does 2 damage to a selected zombie or the zombie hero, and gives Solar Flare +1SunPvZH for the rest of the game.

She is the hero version of Sunflower.


She is based on the plant in Plants vs. Zombies with a similar appearance. Her fiery form and enthusiastic personality may be based on Human Torch, a comic book superhero in the Fantastic Four franchise.

Her name is based on "solar," a term relating to the sun, and "flare," a sudden brief burst of bright flame or light, which in turn may refer to "solar flare," a brief eruption of intense high-energy radiation from the sun's surface. Her name could probably allude to Starfire, a DC Comics character, most notably from Teen Titans.


Hero description

When she's on fire, she's on FIRE. And so are the Zombies.

Strategies strategy

Solar Flare uses a living Flower garden to build massive amounts of sun, blasting the Zombies with massive high-cost Plants and Tricks.


Solar Flare makes a difference by making lots of sun, which in turn she can use to her advantage by playing high-cost plants and tricks early. Her two classes, Kabloom and Solar, allow her to use aggressive combos of playing lots of plants to dish out huge damage while making enough sun for her to do that. Thanks to the aforementioned two classes, Solar Flare also has access to both PvZH Anti-Hero IconAnti-Hero plants like Poison Oak and PvZH Strikethrough IconStrikethrough plants such as Laser Bean, allowing for reasonably good direct damage to the zombie hero.

Solar Flare's signature superpower, Sunburn, is what makes her one of the easier heroes to play as. If you get Sunburn as the starting superpower, use it immediately, as an extra sun for each turn after Sunburn is played can make a huge difference. Her other superpowers, on the other hand, are on the defensive side: Weed Whack and Scorched Earth are all about lowering zombies' stats, while More Spore is used to block zombies and swarm the field early on the game.

However, Solar Flare has no Amphibious plants at all, and lacks easy ways to draw cards. To cover this flaw, play cards that can damage or outright destroy Amphibious zombies such as Berry Blast, Sour Grapes, Squash or Three-Headed Chomper. As for her card drawing issues, try using Petal-Morphosis, 2nd-Best Taco of All Time, or Cornucopia (which fills every lane with plants instantly).


Solar Flare is dangerous for her ability to gain sun much faster than any other plant hero. This allows her to play strong cards like Power Flower or Dandy Lion King early, so you should bring cheap cards that can help deal with them like Nibble or Bungee Plumber. A good strategy is taking out plants that generate sun, such as Sunflowers and Metal Petal Sunflowers, as soon as possible, to prevent high-costing cards from being played early.

Alternatively, the player can allow the Sunflowers to live while dealing with other cards being played. Tricks like Weed Spray and The Chickening can destroy most of Solar Flare's plants should she have only low-strength or low-health cards on the field. This way you can make Solar Flare run out of cards quickly, giving you an advantage. Another way to easily defeat Solar Flare is to play Amphibious zombies on aquatic lanes, since Solar Flare has no Amphibious plants, which allows the player to damage her directly from here. However, do keep in mind that she has access to plenty of damaging and instant-kill cards, which could easily take them out.

Spores Galore

This deck is based on placing multiple mushrooms while boosting them with Berry Angry and Buff-Shroom. If you fail to remove all of them, Solar Flare may end up playing Pineclone to end the game in her favor. The Chickening or Weed Spray is recommended to remove the mushrooms. However, you have to beware of Dandy Lion King and Grapes of Wrath, since they can deal quite some heavy damage to the zombie hero in the late game. The best hero to use is Z-Mech, who can use both of the aforementioned tricks and use sheer damage against the stronger plants.

Bloom and Boom

This deck relies on the usage of many flowers, which Solar Flare may start with Blooming Hearts. If the game drags long enough, Dandy Lion King and Briar Rose will ensure that your defense will have trouble dealing with this. Deadly zombies and removal tricks are useful against this deck. The best hero is Impfinity, who has access to damaging tricks and Deadly zombies. Since the only instant kill tricks in this deck are two Whack-a-Zombie cards and a single Lawnmower card, you would want to use Gravestones or place zombies near heights and spread them out due to Solar Flare also having Cherry Bomb.

Corn-pocalypse Now

This deck revolves around early game removal in order for Solar Flare to achieve late game dominance. Gravestones can ignore most of these, but you should defeat Solar Flare quickly since she has Kernel Corn and Cornucopia. Bonus attacks also work since they can heavily damage Solar Flare. Sour Grapes are also in the deck, so the best hero is Super Brainz due to being able to allow bonus attacks to Gravestone zombies. PvZH Deadly IconDeadly zombies also work since they can destroy any plant regardless of health.

Strategy decks

Main article: Community-built decks/Solar Flare
Solar FlareH Spores Galore

PvZH Kabloom Icon PvZH Solar Icon
Use Sunflower power to get your Mushrooms onto the battlefield super fast. Transform them all into Pineclones to clinch your win.
Poison MushroomH x4 Shroom for TwoH x4 SunflowerH x4 Berry BlastH x4 Buff-ShroomH x4
Fume-ShroomH x2 Berry AngryH x2 Jack O' LanternH x3 Punish-ShroomH x4 Petal-MorphosisH x1
PinecloneH x4 Dandy Lion KingH x1 Laser BeanH x1 Grapes of WrathH x2

Solar FlareH Bloom and Boom

PvZH Kabloom Icon PvZH Solar Icon
Twin Sunflower and Metal Petal Sunflower help this Flower deck play high-cost Plants early... roaring to victory with a quicky Dandy Lion King!
Blooming HeartH x4 Morning GloryH x4 Berry BlastH x4 2nd-Best Taco of All TimeH x3 Twin SunflowerH x2
Whack-a-ZombieH x2 BloomerangH x3 LawnmowerH x1 Metal Petal SunflowerH x4 Power FlowerH x4
Briar RoseH x4 Cherry BombH x2 Dandy Lion KingH x3

Solar FlareH Corn-pocalypse Now

PvZH Kabloom Icon PvZH Solar Icon
With endless removal cards, destroy every Zombie they ever play! Finish them off with heavy-hitting Toadstool, Kernel Corn, and Cornucopia.
Sage SageH x4 2nd-Best Taco of All TimeH x4 Berry AngryH x4 Whack-a-ZombieH x4 ChomperH x3
LawnmowerH x1 Sour GrapesH x2 BluesberryH x2 SquashH x4 Cherry BombH x2
Three-Headed ChomperH x1 ToadstoolH x3 Kernel CornH x3 CornucopiaH x3


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Solar FlareH
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Solar FlareH


  • Solar Flare's fiery form may allude to the Fire Flower in the Garden Warfare series.
  • Before update 1.2.11, Solar Flare's introduction comic strip was the only comic strip that involves dialogue.
  • The fire she uses from Sunburn is similar to the flame sprite from Plants vs. Zombies 2.
  • Her description references how Sunburn burns zombies.
  • She shares her battle music with Nightcap.
  • Like Rose, she does not wear a medal on her chest. Rather, Solar Flare has a leaf symbol engraved on her suit.
    • Coincidentally, both of them are flowers and lead the Solar class.
  • Solar Flare is currently the only female Kabloom plant hero in the game.
  • Solar Flare is one of the three plant heroes that do not have access to Amphibious plants, the others being Chompzilla and Captain Combustible.
    • Out of the three, Solar Flare is the only one that doesn't lead the PvZH Mega-Grow IconMega-Grow class.
  • With the introduction of Sun-Shroom, she now has the most mushrooms out of all plant heroes.
  • Although Sunflower is her fighter counterpart, Solar Flare does not share the same number of petals as the former.
  • She is the first plant hero to speak via wordbubble in the comic.

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