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Solar Car Zombie (太阳能车僵尸; pinyin: tài yáng néng chē jiāng shī) is a zombie encountered in Modern Day in the Chinese version of Plants vs. Zombies 2. Like Mecha-Football Zombie, it can push plants it encounters back one tile.

It can also steal sun, and once it steals enough sun, instead of pushing back plants it encounters, it uses the sun to fire a beam at the plants like Turquoise Skull Zombie, destroying them, but emptying its sun supply. Like Ra Zombie, it will drop any unused sun when it is destroyed.

As it is a machine, E.M.Peach can stall it. Despite that, however, Citron's Plant Food effect can still penetrate it.

Almanac Entry

太阳能车僵尸 (Solar Car Zombie)

SPEED: Basic



    In English:

    When the energy is full it will charge into plants, when there is no energy it will absorb the energy of plants.

    The zombie that hated the dark the most, usually likes driving his car to sunbath, when sunbathing, thinks about what can live on the sun.



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