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Snow Pea is a peashooting plant appearing in both main series Plants vs. Zombies games. He is an unlockable plant in the first game, and a premium plant in the second game.

Snow Pea attacks by firing frozen peas at zombies, which can slow their target's movement and attack speed by 50% and deal damage. However, Torchwood can melt them, which will make them into normal peas which removes the freezing effect, so it is not recommended to use a Torchwood with a Snow Pea.


Sound Description
Snow pea sparkles
Snow Pea firing


Like most other pea-shooting plants, Snow Pea is based on the plant Pisum sativum. His name refers to the real-life Snow Pea, a variety of pea eaten whole in its pod while still unripe. It also refers to snow which is cold, referring to how Snow Pea shoots out frozen peas, a cold projectile and how the plant is cold himself. It also references that he is a pea-shooting plant.


Plants vs. Zombies

Snow Pea is unlocked after beating Level 1-6, and costs 175 sun (150 in Versus Mode) to plant. He does the same amount of damage as a Peashooter (one normal damage shot per pea), but can slow enemies down with his frozen peas.

Plants vs. Zombies 2

Snow Pea is available for purchase for $3.99. His sun cost was lowered to 150 sun, but he retained his functionality as in the first game.

Almanac entry

Plants vs. Zombies

Snow pea's almanac

Almanac entry of Snow Pea

Snow Pea

Snow Peas shoot frozen peas that damage and slow the enemy.

Damage: normal, slows zombies

Folks often tell Snow Pea how "cool" he is, or exhort him to "chill out." They tell him to "stay frosty." Snow Pea just rolls his eyes. He's heard 'em all.

Cost: 175

Recharge: fast

Plants vs. Zombies 2

Snow Pea

RECHARGE: Mediocre

DAMAGE: Moderate

RANGE: Straight

Snow Peas fire frozen peas making it hard for zombies to advance.

Special: chills zombies on impact

As a professional table tennis player, in the off-season he also enjoys skiing, playing the bongos, and spelunking.

Chinese version  (China only)



    In English:
    Plant feature: blue plant, pea family

    Despite the cool appearance, Snow Pea really loves his friends, cares for the young. What is his specialty at a party? He heats the audience with his jokes, of course.



Snow Pea using its Plant Food ability

Plants vs. Zombies 2

Plant Food effect

When fed with Plant Food, Snow Pea creates an ice trail on the lane in front of him, slowing down every zombie on the lane and fires 60 peas. After 3.5 seconds, the effect stops and the ice trail disappears.

Level Upgrade

Level Seed packets Coins Upgrades
Sun Cost Recharge
(Freezing Pea)*
1 0 0 150 5 seconds 3 bites 1 nds Normal 0% Straight
2 10 1,000 150 5 seconds 3.5 bites 1.5 nds
3 25 2,500 150 4.5 seconds 4 bites 2 nds + 1.6x
4 50 5,000 150 4.5 seconds 4.5 bites 2.5 nds
5 100 10,000 150 4 seconds 5.5 bites 3 nds 5%
6 200 20,000 125 4 seconds 6 bites 3.5 nds 5%
7 400 30,000 125 3.5 seconds 6.5 bites 4 nds + 2.2x 10%
8 800 50,000 125 3.5 seconds 7 bites 4.5 nds 15%
9 1,200 75,000 125 3 seconds 8 bites 5 nds 20%
10 1,600 100,000 100 3 seconds 9 bites 6 nds 25%

*After reaching Level 5, Snow Pea gains a chance to shoot freezing peas which freeze the zombie it attacks.

Costumed (China only)

When fed Plant Food, he shoots three big frozen peas that deals 30 normal damage shots each.

Level upgrade (China only)

Level Upgrades Description
LevelIcon2New Snow Pea Upgrade 1
Snow Pea gains a 15% chance to shoot an ice pick that deals 3 damage.
Combat Training
Snow Pea gains 50% more attack power and health (150% of initial).
LevelIcon3New Snow Pea Upgrade 2
Freezing Gasp
Snow Pea gains a 30% chance to shoot an ice pick.
Cell Activation
Snow Pea gains another 50% more attack power and health (200% of initial).
LevelIcon4New AbilityAwakendIcon
Ability Awaken
Snow Pea may be boosted when planted.
Fighting Power
Snow Pea gains another 50% more attack power and health (250% of initial).


Snow Pea demonstrates the importance of slowing plants in the game, albeit at a smaller scale compared to other slowing options: While almost twice as expensive as a normal Peashooter, Snow Pea is capable to halving the speed of the incoming zombies, effectively doubling the damage capability of all its allies and giving the player more reaction time. However, his single-target nature means that Snow Pea will become quickly outclassed by other slowing plants such as Winter Melon, Sap-fling and Cold Snapdragon in terms of crowd control, as they are capable of freezing multiple targets at once. Snow Pea will also face problem when working with fire-based plants, particularly Torchwood as the frozen pea will lose its freezing effect once it passes through Torchwood, not gaining any bonus in damage. He is also able to take out a Conehead Zombie by himself.

Plants vs. Zombies

Only a single column of Snow Pea should be used in any level, as additional columns will not provide any more suppression capability while costing more suns. Snow Pea should not be used on the Roof, since his peas cannot overcome the slope present on the columns near the house; instead, a player should use a Winter Melon.

I, Zombie Endless

Ladder Zombies are highly useful in neutralizing Snow Peas, as their ladder can shield the zombies from the slowing effect. The player should be cautious however that Magnet-shrooms and Fume-shrooms can overcome the ladders, rendering Ladder Zombie devoid of their protection and vulnerable to firepower.

Plants vs. Zombies 2

While Snow Pea has received a slight buff in the form of a slightly reduced sun cost, overall the sequel has not been generous to the plant himself: Firstly, the increased amount of enemies that can block or deflect direct shots now poses a serious challenge to Snow Pea as well as other peashooting plants. Secondly, the fact that Snow Pea is placed along with other more effective slowing solutions in the premium shop means that the plant is more likely to be ignored if the player desires for the ability to suppress the incoming horde. All is not lost however, as the player might still find some use from Snow Pea in his long range and its ability to extinguish Explorer Zombie's and Torchlight Zombie's torch, along with Prospector Zombie's dynamite stick.


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Specific to Plants vs. Zombies

  • If a peashooting ZomBotany zombie is chilled, it will be slowed down, but it still fires peas at the same rate.
  • When the Snow Pea shoots a frozen pea, a small glittering sound is heard. In the DS and DSiWare version, the sound will be louder.
  • On the French version, the Snow Pea's description has a last pun in the end, saying that "Ces jeux de mots ne font pas le pois," with the expression "ne pas faire le poids" (here, "not being important/not something to care about") and the word "pois" (which means "pea").
  • His stem and leaves are green, even though he is mostly colored blue. It shares this trait with Winter Melon.

Specific to Plants vs. Zombies 2

  • In the 1.9 update, there was a texture glitch for Snow Pea's eyes along with Wall-nut, Threepeater, and Twin Sunflower.
  • He was removed from the store in the 3.5.1 update for unknown reasons, along with Imitater. However, they returned in the 3.6.1 update.
    • He was removed again from the store after Toadstool's release. He again reappeared to the store during the second return of limited-edition plants.
      • There is a glitch that occurs when playing a Piñata Party with Snow Pea. After clicking on his ad after the level and entering the store, he will disappear.
    • This glitch also had occurred with Grapeshot.
  • Despite the Snow Pea is made of ice, he was always referred to as "Snow Pea" until Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare.
  • If the player boosts a Torchwood, and have a Snow Pea behind him, he will not show a pea after it passes through the Torchwood.
    • This maybe because the pea has been disintegrated, due to the overheat.
    • Now in the newest update, It does fire through the torch wood but it turns into a sun.
  • In levels of Beghouled where Snow Pea appears, if his Plant Food ability is activated and then a match is made causing him to fall into another lane, he will freeze the initial lane he was in but he won't do anything else.
    • Thus leaving the initial lane frozen and Snow Pea firing peas on the new lane.
  • Whenever Snow Pea uses his Plant Food effect, all the zombies in his lane will be slowed down, even before the ice trail appears.
  • His recharge was changed into Mediocre from Fast in the 5.9 update.

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