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This article is about an upcoming Plants vs. Zombies game. The content may change, and spoilers may be revealed. Read at your own risk!

PvZ Heroes logo
StrengthPvZH Strength HeartPvZH Health SunPvZH Cost
3 2 4
Set Premium
Rarity Uncommon
Class PvZH Mega-Grow Icon
Tribe Pea Plant
Abilities When played on Heights: This gets +2StrengthPvZH / +2HeartPvZH.
The youngest Peashooter ever to earn a pilot's license. Also the only Peashooter ever to earn a pilot's license.

Skyshooter is a premium uncommon plant card in Plants vs. Zombies Heroes and a member of the PvZH Mega-Grow IconMega-Grow plants. It costs 4SunPvZH to plant, and has 3StrengthPvZH/2HeartPvZH when first played. Its ability gives itself for +2StrengthPvZH/+2HeartPvZH when it is played on a heights lane. It is the plant counterpart of Mountain Climber.


Skyshooter is based on the Pisum sativum, commonly known as the pea, and an aviatrix. Its name is a portmanteau of the words "sky," referring to its special ability and "Peashooter," the plant this plant is a variant of.


  • Class: Mega-Grow
  • Tribe: Pea Plant
  • Abilities: When played on Heights: This gets +2StrengthPvZH/+2HeartPvZH.
  • Set - Rarity: Premium - Uncommon

Card description

The youngest Peashooter ever to earn a pilot's license. Also the only Peashooter ever to earn a pilot's license.



Skyshooter can be a good alternative to Cabbage-Pult from mid to late game, however, as its sun cost is too high in the early stages, and as the game progresses, the opponent might have stronger fighters and tricks to destroy this plant easily. Although, it might come in handy when the opposing hero has nothing to counter this up, as its ability to increase stats when played on heights and in tandem with Torchwood, with its ability to increase strength for pea plants.

Being a pea plant, combining this with The Podfather can give this plant an even higher amount of strength and health, on top of Skyshooter's boost from being planted on heights.


This plant can potentially be a big threat, especially if used with Torchwood and The Podfather. Using Cakesplosion can take this plant out even if played on heights. Cuckoo Zombie also will take this out with one hit, even when on heights.




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