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Ski Zombie (滑雪僵尸; pinyin: huáxuě jiāngshī) is a zombie encountered in Frostbite Caves in the Chinese version of Plants vs. Zombies 2. He uses a Walrus Zombie as a slope to jump past the player's defenses at a rapid rate. He can be deadly with his companion, since he is hurled to the last column from the slope once he runs over it.

Almanac entry

滑雪僵尸 (Ski Zombie)

SPEED: Speedy



    In English:

    Ski Zombie can jump on Walrus Zombie on the ground.

    Ski Zombie likes challenges and adventures, and wishes to become like the performers that he saw when he was young, taking off from a small slope, doing all sorts of complex movements, then landing safely. So when he had grown up, he tried -- But he was too young and did not see a sign in front of the stage; "Dangerous act, do not mimic..."


Ski Zombie is an extremely dangerous zombie because of its speed and toughness. If a Walrus Zombie stops too far into the lawn, Skiing Zombies will land on the 1st column from the left and you may lose. Use a Whirlwind Acorn to kill the Walrus Zombie fast or use Jalapeno to melt the ice trail and kill the it. Skiing Zombie can bypass sliders so defense must be put in slider lanes. A Magnifying Grass can kill a Skiing Zombie in one hit regardless of where he is. When a Ski Zombie is in the air after being hurled from a Walrus Zombie, take the opportunity to use Blover or Hurrikale to blow him away.



  • He has a slight visual resemblance to Chicken Wrangler Zombie in terms of hairstyle.
  • He, when paired with the Walrus Zombie, acts similarly to Cavalry Zombie.
  • He shakes his head once before walking and after skiing.
  • The way he falls on the ground and then gets up is similar to the way Zombie Bull Rider acts after being thrown by a Bull/Gargantuar.
  • Before update 1.8, he can be hurled between 7th to 9th column. However, he now always hurled in the last column, making him more dangerous.
    • Some other zombies that got buffed include Prospector Zombie whose dynamite explodes faster, as well as Hammer Zombie who can deflect more types of projectile.