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This article is about the shield used by Excavator Zombie. For the shovel used by the player, see shovel.

A shovel

Excavator Zombie2

An Excavator Zombie

Shovel is a shield used by Excavator Zombie. It blocks all straight-shooting projectiles such as peas. Although the shovel is indestructible, it cannot block lobbed-shots or area-of-effect plants as they are either not making contact with the shovel, or are able to damage the Excavator Zombie as well, such as Melon-pults and Laser Beans. Excavator Zombie uses the shovel to dig up plants and toss them approximately two tiles behind it. Excavator Zombie is also capable of tossing a plant off the lawn, whenever the plant is on the end of the tile.


For more strategies, see Excavator Zombie.

Lobbed-shot and area-of-effect plants cannot be blocked by the shovel. Dandelion and Coconut Cannon can damage Excavator Zombies only with their splash damage.


  • Shovel and parasol are the only indestructible shields.
    • Coincidentally, both appear in Lost City.
    • However, splash damage from Dandelion and Coconut Cannon can make the Excavator Zombie loses the shovel.
    • Also, the pogo stick cannot be destroyed, though it degrades.
  • The shovel takes damage from the spikes shot from Cacti, protecting Excavator Zombie in the process.
  • It is odd that the shovel is indestructible, yet most other armor and shields are not.
  • The shovel has a dirt or mud-like substance on it, yet it does not fall off when the Excavator Zombie holds it.

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