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Shooty Gnome is a type of Gnome and an enemy in the mode Infinity Time and in the Trials of Gnomus. It is different from the basic Gnome that it has a ranged attack, and prefers to stay at a far range from most foes. Shooty Gnomes are introduced in the 2nd level, and are the 2nd most common gnome in the game.

Shooty Gnomes attack by shooting quick bursts of 6 blue energy balls in a curve, similar to the Engineer. After they fire, they need to recharge, so they run away from the player until it has charged (about 8 seconds). This makes them similar to the Cactus in terms of behavior.


  • The Shooty Gnome can be found patrolling in the main area of the Trials of Gnomus.
  • There is a rare glitch involving this Gnome and a Gnome Floatie when a Shooty Gnome fires an infinite amount of energy balls in a curve which is frozen when spawned.
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