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Shooting Star

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Seeing stars Shooting Star
Complete Seeing Stars before the first Flag Zombie appears.

Difficulty: Very hard
Seeing stars

Shooting Star is an achievement unlockable on iPhone, iPad, PS Vita and Android. This achievement is unlocked by not letting a Flag Zombie appear before completing the mini-game.


You should pick the following (up to eight slots):

Shooting Star - Seeing Stars02:00

Shooting Star - Seeing Stars

How to get Shooting Star

As the achievement states, you must complete Seeing Stars without letting the first Flag Zombie appear. If you are not good at collecting enough sun, bring in your Twin Sunflowers. Then, use the Starfruit and Imitater Starfruit. Use Puff-shrooms and Sun-shrooms to hold off zombies, similar to Wall-nuts (they may not last long but they are cheap). Complete the star pattern before the Flag Zombie appears and you are done.

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