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Shieldy Gnome is an enemy in Infinity Time and the Trials of Gnomus in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2. It carries a shield to protect itself from frontal attacks while increasing its overall health, making it the Gnome equivalent of the Screen Door Zombie and the Leaf/Wood Shield Weed. However, the shield can be bypassed by shooting its head or attacking the Gnome from behind. The Shieldy Gnome attacks by bashing the player with its shield. They can also throw explosive apples as a ranged attack, similar to a Weed's Seed Spit or Zombie's Hard Rock Toss. Once the shield is destroyed, it becomes a regular Gnome.


  • It is unknown how a Shieldy Gnome acquires a hammer after its shield is destroyed as Leaf- and Wood Shield Weeds will proceed to attack the player without any other weapons at all after losing their shields.
  • There is a rare glitch that occurs if the shield is charged at, the Gnome will freeze mid-knockback in midair. While in this state, it does not move at all, but can still throw explosive apples.

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