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This article is about an upcoming Plants vs. Zombies game. The content may change, and spoilers may be revealed. Read at your own risk!

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StrengthPvZH Strength HeartPvZH Health SunPvZH Cost
0 1 2
Set Basic
Rarity Common
Class PvZH Kabloom Icon
Tribe Seed Plant
Abilities Start of Turn: Transforms into a random Plant that costs 6SunPvZH or less.
It's the tiny seed of a... nobody actually knows.

Seedling is a basic common plant card in Plants vs. Zombies Heroes, and a member of the PvZH Kabloom IconKabloom class. It costs 2SunPvZH to play, and has 1HeartPvZH. Its effect transforms this into a random plant that costs 6SunPvZH or less at the start of the next turn.


It is based on the seedling, a young plant sporophyte developing out of a plant embryo from a seed.


  • Class: Kabloom
  • Tribe: Seed Plant
  • Abilities: Start of Turn: Transforms into a random Plant that costs 6SunPvZH or less.
  • Set - Rarity: Basic - Common

Card description

It's the tiny seed of a... nobody actually knows.



Using Seedling is a slightly risky move, as even though it has the ability to transform into powerful plants like Super-Phat Beets or a legendary plant like Three-Headed Chomper, it can also transform into a less powerful plant, like Peashooter. Also, make sure to protect the Seedling while it is on the field with plants that have the Team-Up trait, such as Shellery, since if it is taken out by zombies, it will not be able to transform into anything, wasting 2 sun and a potential free plant.

If possible, plant this card in the earlier turns, as less dangerous zombie fighters will appear due to the low number of Brains the zombie hero may have. However, the player will still need to rely on luck on whether this will survive, as a zombie trick can easily defeat this. The player can use tricks such as Fertilize to increase the health of Seedling, however, its health increase will not affect the plant it transforms into.


Due to its weak amount of health it has, you can simply use a Zombie, Skunk Punk, Cardboard Robot Zombie, Backup Dancer, Baseball Zombie or Imp to destroy it, or tricks such as Bungee Plumber. Take advantage of its low health with PvZH Frenzy IconFrenzy zombies, such as Smashing Gargantuars, since they should be able to destroy the Seedling in one attack, which allows them to attack again. If you do not know when will it be played, simply use tricks than spawn zombies like Beam Me Up or moving cards like Sumo Wrestler.




  • Its description references its ability to turn into a random plant.
  • Before the 1.2.11 update, plants transformed did not use their upon-use ability if they had one. If this happened with Wild Berry, it would not move and make the turn go on forever until the player (or their opponent, if in Multiplayer) concedes.
  • Strangely, a Seedling can turn into another Seedling.
    • However, that Seedling will be able to still transform into another plant, so this has no effect except for making it take an extra turn. However, it can also turn to another Seedling again.
  • Viewing Seedling's stats during the Fight phase will allow the player to see what it is transforming into, before it begins its animation to do so.
  • Unlike the other plant fighters, the Seedling is facing left.
  • If it transforms into a plant with an upon-use ability, one will only see the end of the ability animation as the beginning is hidden by Seedling's transformation animation.
  • It is one of two Seed cards in the game, with the other being Lil' Buddy.
    • Coincidentally, both have 0 strength and 1 health when played.
  • It, Mirror-Nut, and Sweet Potato all fire off the same bolt of magic when attacking.
    • Formerly, it's attack used to fire a shockwave, in similarity to the one in Dandy Lion King's attack.

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