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Plants vs. Zombies- Garden Warfare 2

Scuba Soldier

Scuba Soldier GW2
Health 125
Variant of Foot Soldier
Primary weapons Sonar Shot
Abilities Rocket Jump
Zombie Stink Cloud
Rocket Leap
Super Stink Cloud
Rarity Rare

Scuba Soldier is a Rare Foot Soldier variant in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2. His primary weapon allows him to see plants through walls after the projectile has hit a wall. He was the only Foot Soldier variant unlockable in the beta.

Stickerbook description

Don't tell anybody, but the Scuba Soldier doesn't even know how to swim. He wound up on the bottom of the ocean floor after falling asleep on the deck of one of Zomboss' boats.

In-game description

Tag a Plant with the Scuba Soldier's torpedoes to view them through walls or any other obstacle!

Update History

Trouble in Zombopolis: Part Two DLC

  • Reduced rate of fire from 75 to 70
  • Reduced falloff start/end distance from 20/40 to 15/35

Primary weapon

His primary weapon is the Sonar Shot. Its clip can hold up to two sonar missiles that can deal 20 to 55 damage depending on the range. Upon a direct hit, the weapon also causes splash damage. If the missile hits any surface or a plant, a sonar radar will drop which reveals any plants that are hiding behind walls. Detected plants appear in green but cannot be viewed by other teammates.



ZPG fires an extremely powerful projectile that explodes on impact. It requires a 25-second recharge after use.

Rocket Jump

Rocket Jump will launch the zombie high into the air. It is very useful for gaining an elevated advantage. It requires a 20-second recharge after use.

Zombie Stink Cloud

Zombie Stink Cloud arcs a gas grenade in front of the zombie; any plants inside the gas suffer damage. The gas is also extremely helpful for cover. It requires a 20-second recharge after use.


An alternate ability of ZPG, the Foot Soldier will launch four rockets to attack plants upon using the Multi-Rocket.

Rocket Leap

An alternate ability of Rocket Jump, the Foot Soldier will go a further distance, but will not jump as high. Rocket Leap also has two uses.

Super Stink Cloud

An alternate ability of Zombie Stink Cloud, Super Stink Cloud lasts shorter but does more damage than the Zombie Stink Cloud.


The Scuba Soldier is similar to the Tank Commander in that he has a weapon with a low ammo count, but it can do a lot of damage, as well as AOE. His primary weapon deal lower damage than the Tank Commander, but he has an extra shot before he must reload and a added effect- this effect allows him to see any plant hiding behind walls, which makes it easier to track them down and vanquish them. This makes Scuba Soldier a solid support character on top of being a good offensive one.



  • In the Backyard Battleground, near the docks, there is a Scuba Soldier named "Sunken Duncan" who hosts the Bulls-Eye Boat blast minigame. He only appears if at least one player is playing as a zombie and he is invisible to plants.
  • Its name is an example of alliteration.
  • He is one of the five Foot Soldier variants to have a unique ZPG in terms of design.
  • His Primary Weapon resembles a Submarine.

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