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Sasquatch Notice


Sasquatch is a boss in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 found only in the Boss Hunt mode. He resembles a Yeti Zombie with brown fur wearing a winter hat. The mission to find it is called "A Banquet for Sasquatch". The Sasquatch is in the Sandy Sands map and, according to the mission's description, he is eating everything, including the ruins. Unlike his ice variant, Sasquatch uses fire to attack, and has the ability to throw fireballs.

When a quarter of his health has been depleted, it will dig into the ground (similarly to the Treasure Yeti) and it will summon 5, 7 or 9 Heal Burgers (depending on how much health was depleted). These Heal Burgers have to be destroyed, otherwise the Sasquatch will replenish his health.

If all Heal Burgers are destroyed, the Sasquatch will become hungry and the players will have around 45 seconds to find a garden, raise it and stay near the garden, otherwise they will be vanquished by "Hunger Pang's Inferno".

After beating Sasquatch, the player will receive a variation of the "Sasquatch Hat", depending on the difficulty beaten (Standard, Gem, Scrumptious etc.).


This is a really tough and insane boss. It is advised to have 2+ Sunflowers in your team as you will need to constantly heal your teammates, especially Vampire Flower since she can restore health by hitting the boss. In this boss battle you will need to be vigilant and very quick to get to the healing burgers that this boss will summon and destroy them. Even if you successfully destroy all the Burgers a curse called "Hunger Pang's Inferno" will get you most of the time. You need to raise a garden quickly before the time runs out but here is the gist: it does not tell you where. The Sasquatch will summon Gargantuars to keep you occupied. He will also Summon Breakfast Brainz, Camo Rangers and Landscrapers as well.



  • He was first seen in the Trials of Gnomus DLC trailer, but his name wasn't revealed until his Boss Hunt mission appeared.
  • When defeated, the player will see that he is actually a robot, like how Yeti Zombie and Treasure Yeti are robots.

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