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According to my research,
a plague has swept this era.
This article is about something that is no longer available. Therefore, it is archived.
Rocket ZombieA
Plants vs. Zombies Adventures

Rocket Zombie

Rocket ZombieA
He's practicing SCIENCE!
Speed Fast, then slow (after losing rocket)
Toughness 24 (rocket), 8 (zombie)
First seen Killjoy Park level 1
Weakness Snow PeaA Ice Queen PeaA Chilly PepperA
Cost of neighbor attack 2,000 coins
Training cost 600 coins
Training time 5 minutes
Rocket Zombie ain’t got time for this. He ain’t got time for that. He does, however, have time for differential calculus.

Rocket Zombie is a zombie appearing in Plants vs. Zombies Adventures. It travels faster than most other zombies and has higher toughness while it has its rocket. It does not eat other plants while using its rocket, unless it is blocked. However, once the rocket is destroyed, it travels at normal speed and has slightly higher toughness than a regular Zombie. The rocket instantly goes away if it is hit with a Chilly Pepper, Snow Pea's, or Ice Queen Pea's projectile.

Facebook description

Rocket Zombie ain’t got time for this. He ain’t got time for that. He does, however, have time for differential calculus.

-Plants vs. Zombies Adventures Facebook page



Rocket Zombies make a noise when they enter the battle that sounds like a rocket going off. This helps to notify the player about the zombie and to urge the player to prepare their defenses against the zombie. Given the fact that the Snow Pea is given to the player before getting to Killjoy Park Level 1, the first level the zombie appears in, it can easily be used against it during the levels it appears in. Both being slowed down and having its health reduced to that of a regular Zombie will greatly help the player, as the zombie's threat lowers to that of a regular Zombie, which is not much.

If Snow Peas are out of the option, such as busy attacking other zombies, using ZombiFreeze on this zombie until it dies is suggested. Cherry Bombs or Jalapeños will also solve the problem, but the long harvest time for either makes excessive use a bad idea. Zombie Zappers can be used on large groups of Rocket Zombies to help defenses even with sufficient Snow Peas kill these zombies.

When attacking other towns, Rocket Zombies can be very useful if the player speed them up with Zombie Fog. This causes them to go extremely fast, while avoiding attacking plants so the player can get to the player's house quickly. However, Wall-nuts can stop this from happening.



  • The zombie's original name was Zoombie on release day and the trailer. During the open beta and in the latest version of the game, it was renamed to Rocket Zombie.
    • Zoombie is a portmanteau of Zoom and Zombie.
  • It makes a noise when it enters the battle.
  • It seems to resemble the famous physicist Albert Einstein.
  • Its rollerblades come off when its rocket comes off.
  • It is unknown how the Rocket Zombie's rocket comes off when shot by a Snow Pea.
  • It seems to be a reversed Barrel Zombie in the way that it loses speed when he loses its accessory.
  • The rocket flies away when the zombie has reached 24 normal damage shots, instead of breaking or losing fuse.
  • Its description seems to resemble the famous memetic line, Ain't Nobody Got Time For That. 
  • It resembles, and could be the basis of the Scientist.
  • Because it is seen using its rocket safely and even using the said rocket to its advantage by donning roller skates to make it incredibly fast, it is possible that it is smarter than the average zombie.
    • This is possibly referenced in its Facebook description, as it says that it has got time for differential calculus, a subfield of calculus involving the rates at which quantities change.
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