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Rocket Man2 Rocket Man
Vanquish 10 Players and 10 Plant Pots with the Soldier's ZPG

Difficulty: Somewhat hard

Rocket Man is an achievement in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare. To get it, the player must vanquish ten players and ten potted plants with the Foot Soldier's Multi-Rocket or ZPG ability.


  • The easiest strategy is to simply aim the ZPG at groups of plants or pots, and you will eventually get Rocket Man.
  • A player can blind hordes of plants using the Zombie Stink Cloud or the Super Stink Cloud. Then, use a ZPG to finish of as much as possible.
  • Just aiming a ZPG at a lonesome potted plant will waste your time. Therefore, try to aim at groups of plants near the pot plant. Gardens and Graveyards is highly recommended for this.

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