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Rocket Jump is an ability of Foot Soldier. It allows the Foot Soldier to jump to a higher place. It can be used to get to higher ground and have an advantage on enemies which is capable of fleeing a burrowing Chomper. It takes 20 seconds to recharge. Its alternate ability is Rocket Leap and its plant counterpart is the Super Pea Jump.

Stickerbook description


Soldier Zombies take to the rooftops! The Rocket Jump ability enables the Soldier Zombies to get to places other characters can't. That's one off his bucket list for sure!


Use the Rocket Jump to get to an elevated position. It is very useful to take down plants from a distance. Remember, be stealthy while using this.


  • It is based on the technique of the same name found in many first and third person-shooters, most notably by the Soldier in Team Fortress 2.

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