Rocket Bot is a bot which can be built in Graveyard Ops, Herbal Assault, and Backyard Battleground of Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2. It is the Zombie Bot counterpart of the Pea Cannon. Similarly to the Mark II and III Zombot Turrets in the original game, it fires rockets towards plants. It combines the fire rate of a Mark II Zombot Turret and the damage of a Mark III Zombot turret. It fires three rockets ahead of the plant's current location, each rocket dealing 10 damage. This attack is called Rocket.



Rocket Bot's description

LONG RANGE: SINGLE SHOT Rocket Bot's got a mouthful of rockets, a general dislike of plants, and poor self-control.



  • It is the second turret to have its attack called "rocket", with the first one being the engineers' "Defender Bot" near the teleporters.
  • The description says "Single Shot." This is not true, as the Bot actually fires three rockets.
  • Two giant variants are seen at the start of the Zomburbia map.