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Robo Call is the third ability for the Imp in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2. When used, the Imp will use his walkie-talkie to summon the respective Z-Mech for that variant which will fall from the sky. The Imp will enter the Z-Mech and have greatly increased health and new abilities. However, he will lose its usual abilities and weapons. This is a common ability shared by all Imp variants.

Stickerbook description

When the going gets tough, it's time to call for backup. Summon a massive Z-Mech from a time portal and turn the fight in your favor.

Robo Call variants

Robo Call

Robo Call is the regular call variant for the Imp. After calling with its walkie talkie, the Z-Mech will fall onto the Imp and grab him and the Imp will be able to roam with his Z-Mech.

Z7 Call

Z7 Call is the Robo Call variant of the Z7 Imp. Like Robo Call, the Z7 Imp will call its mech. After calling, the Z7 Mech will land onto the Imp. After this, the Z7 Imp will be able to move with his Z7 Mech.

Pylon Call

Pylon Call is the Robo Call variant of the Pylon Imp. After calling on the Pylon Imp's walkie talkie, the Pylon Mech will slam into the Imp, placing the Imp into the Pylon Mech. It will be able to move and use its exclusive abilities after the Pylon Mech places the imp.

Drake Call


Drake Call's icon

Drake Call is the Robo Call variant of the Lil' Drake. When Drake Call is used, the Drake Mech will swoop down and pick up the Lil' Drake. It will be able to roam free after it swoops.

S.H.R.IMP Call

S.H.R.IMP Call is the Robo Call variant exclusive to the S.H.R.IMP. When activated, the S.H.R.IMP Mech falls down and sucks the S.H.R.IMP into the mech using its tail. The S.H.R.IMP will be able to move when the call finishes.



  • The way the Z-Mech falls from the sky may be a reference to the game Titanfall, another game created by Electronic Arts.
  • Imps in Mechs will take normal damage when a projectile hits the glass of the Mech instead of reduced damage.
    • Rose will always do normal damage to the Mech.
    • The Shrimp Mech will always take normal damage.
  • While calling the Mech, the Imp will occasionally say "Brains", laugh in the walkie-talkie or may even say an unknown speech.

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