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They can be tough nuts to crack.
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Not to be confused with another zombie of a similar name, Robo-Cone Zombie.
Soldier Zombot

Close-up of a Robo-Zombie

Robo-Zombie is a Zombot in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2. It appears in the beta and in the full game in the Backyard Battleground in the Flag of Power, as well as some L.E.A.F Quests for the Plants. When you raise the flag on the plants' side, Robo-Zombies will try to lower the flag, and vanquish you. When the Robo-Zombie is destroyed, it will usually explode. Its two attacks are called Wrist Blaster and Heavy Punch.


  • Despite being different than a Foot Soldier and sharing none of the Foot Soldiers' abilities, it appears in the "Soldier" wave in Flag of Power.
  • Robo-Zombies have their own unique icon in the full game, although in the Beta they shared their icon with the Foot Soldier.
  • In the Beta it only gave the player the XP for a "Vanquished Zombie," but in the full game it gives them the XP for "Vanquished Zombie Hero".

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