Conehead Zombie1

Conehead Zombie wearing a roadcone

The roadcone is a headwear worn by Conehead Zombies, and the first headwear seen in the whole series.


The sound roadcones make when hit



Plants vs. Zombies and Plants vs. Zombies 2

The roadcone absorbs 18 normal damage shots and its appearance changes upon absorbing 7 and 13 normal damage shots. It falls off and reduces its wearer to just an average zombie.

Plants vs. Zombies Adventures

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The roadcone absorbs 8 total damage shots and degrades at 4 damage and another time at 6 damage. After 8 total damage shots, the roadcone will fall off.


For more strategies, see Conehead Zombie.

Zombies that wear this headwear are easy to stop. A Snow Pea, two Peashooters, a Repeater, Gatling Pea, three Puff-shrooms, or two Scaredy-shrooms can take it down easily. Even then, as long there are no other zombies in front of or behind it, a Peashooter can destroy these zombies by itself. It is weak to almost all strategies, so your basic setup should take it out. However, do not underestimate it as it can be a threat in the early levels and beginning of the game. A single Peashooter may be just sufficient to kill one, but two or three will work better, especially if there are multiple zombies to be killed. Another strategy is to use a Snow Pea to slow down the zombie before reaching your defenses. Two Cabbage-pults or one Kernel-pult should be able to kill them. Another good defense is to plant a Melon-pult at the back, a Kernel-pult at the middle, and a Cabbage-pult at the front. Take note that Spikeweeds and Spikerocks do not directly damage the zombie, but rather, damage the cone before the zombie.


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