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Really Epic! is an achievement in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2. To obtain it, the player must complete ten Epic Quests.


It will likely take a while to get this achievement, due to the player getting only one Epic Quest at a time from the Quest Board. If the player focuses on completing the Epic Quest (for example, playing as a fire variant when needing to vanquish enemies) the player will eventually complete the Epic Quest.

For "Get 500 Vanquishes with the Primary Weapon of any x Variant" quests, playing a couple of rounds of either Garden or Graveyard Ops can help, as there will be many enemies spawned. This also applies to the Flag of Power mode.

For "Win x games of y" quests, playing the required mode on Solo Ops or with friends are good options. It also helps to get practice on the mode you're trying to win.

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