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This article is about content available solely in the People's Republic of China.

Pumpkin Witch (南瓜巫师; pinyin: nánguā wūshī) is a monthly special plant in the Chinese version of Plants vs. Zombies 2. She lobs pumpkins at zombies which covers the head of the said zombie with a pumpkin and also changes the zombie's clothing, transforming them into a pumpkin-headed zombie that fights for the plants' side, similar to a Hypno-shroom. The pumpkin head has increased health and can withstand multiple zombie bites. Once the pumpkin is destroyed, the zombie reverts to its normal state. She was released in time after Halloween, in November.


Pumpkin Witch is based on Cucurbita pepo, a normal pumpkin. Her appearance (hat and broom) is based on a witch. Witches could use magic to move obstacles without touching them.

Almanac entry

Note: Pumpkin Witch's in-game toughness is Elevated, and its recharge in-game is Mediocre.

南瓜巫师 (Pumpkin Witch)
Sun cost: 250

DAMAGE: Normal
RECHARGE: Sluggish



    In English:

    Pumpkin Witch throws pumpkins, that controls a normal zombie, when the pumpkin exists to fight for you.

    Plant feature: orange-red plant, mysterious mage

    Pumpkin Witch lived alone in a mystical swamp forest, she is mysterious and powerful and can use a variety of magical spells. For example, she commands her broom to sweep the floor for her, help her cook and wash plates, or create all sorts of strange potions or.....Never mind, she's just a half-baked sorcerer with no self-care abillity.


Plant Food effect

She throws five blue-eyed pumpkins to the zombies. Any zombie hit by these pumpkins will turn into a zombie with a blue eyed pumpkin on its head that has increased toughness. After launching, she needs to recharge for six seconds before being able to attack again.


The pumpkins now have more health and have green eyes.

Level upgrade

Level Upgrades Description
LevelIcon2New Pumpkin Witch Upgrade 1
Strong Surgery
The Pumpkin gives 15% more damage to the controlled zombie, making him bigger.
Combat Training
Pumpkin Witch gains 50% more attack power and health (150% of initial).
LevelIcon3New Pumpkin Witch Upgrade 2
Mighty Magic
The Pumpkin gives 30% more damage to the controlled zombie, making him bigger.
Cell Activation
Pumpkin Witch gains another 50% more attack power and health (200% of initial).
LevelIcon4New AbilityAwakendIcon
Ability Awaken
Pumpkin Witch may be boosted when planted.
Fighting Power
Pumpkin Witch gains another 50% more attack power and health (250% of initial).


This plant is similar to the Hypno-shroom in that she can control zombies, but she does not allow zombies to activate their special abilities, although she can control Wizard Zombies and Octo Zombies. But beware, as she does not attack every type of zombie and is useless against Gargantuars, Fisherman Zombies or Zombie Chickens and will be quickly overwhelmed by them. Note that her projectiles cannot hit Parasol Zombie as well. Additionally, zombies that have their pumpkins eaten will revert into hostile zombies, and the pumpkins have lower health than a hypnotized Buckethead or Gargantuar. And unlike hypnotized zombies or zombie illusions, the pumpkins are reverted instantly by crushing objects. Therefore, she should be avoided at high difficulty levels, and should be avoided in Sky City as she cannot attack aerial zombies.


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  • She is the third plant that makes zombies fight for plants. The others are Hypno-shroomMagic Mushroom (Plant Food effect) and Caulipower.
    • However, the 4 plants make zombies fight for the plants in different ways; Hypno-shroom hypnotizes the zombie which ate him and allows the zombies affected by him to use their unique abilities, Magic Mushroom creates zombie illusions that fight for the plants, Caulipower hypnotizes the zombies with mental powers on a random zombie, while Pumpkin Witch simply infects the host zombie with a parasitic pumpkin that controls the zombie until the pumpkin is eaten, and does not allow the affected zombie to use their special abilities.
  • She is the third Halloween-themed plant, the others being Ghost Pepper and Jack O' Lantern, and the fourth being Witch Hazel.
    • She is also the only Halloween-themed plant exclusive to the Chinese version.
  • She and Witch Hazel are the only plants based on witches.
  • Unlike hypnotized zombies, pumpkin-headed zombies are killed (reverted) instantly by zombies with crushing objects, such as Pianist Zombie and Barrel Roller Zombie.
  • She does not attack zombies with non-basic body models that are not Imps, such as Zombie Chickens, Gargantuars, or Pianist Zombies.
  • If her pumpkin hits an Imp, the Imp will become a pumpkin-headed Imp instead of a regular Zombie with a pumpkin head.
    • However, she does not attack Yeti Imps, possibly due to a glitch.
  • If she lobs a pumpkin at a submerged Snorkel Zombie, the pumpkin will hit the Snorkel Zombie but will not transform it.
  • She can be chosen in Sky City levels. However, she does not attack any type of zombie in that world.
  • Like Wizard Zombie, the pumpkin heads have Mummy Zombie's legs.
    • This is probably a reference to The Plague, where people would bandage themselves for protection from it.

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