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Precision Blast
Precision Blast statistics
StrengthPvZH Strength HeartPvZH Health SunPvZH Cost
- - 1
Set Premium
Rarity Legendary
Class PvZH Mega-Grow IconPvZH Smarty Icon
Tribe Pea Superpower Trick
Abilities Attack for 5 damage in the middle lane.
Green Shadow's approach is right down the middle.

Precision Blast is Green Shadow's premium legendary plant Signature Superpower card in Plants vs. Zombies Heroes and a member of the PvZH Mega-Grow IconMega-Grow and PvZH Smarty IconSmarty superpowers. It costs 1SunPvZH to use. When played, Green Shadow will fire a pea that deals 5 damage to a zombie in the third lane. The zombie hero will receive the damage whenever there are no zombies in the lane. However, the pea will be blocked and no damage will be dealt if the pea hits a Gravestone.


  • Class: Mega-Grow, Smarty
  • Tribe: Pea Superpower Trick
  • Abilities: Attack for 5 damage in the middle lane.
  • Set - Rarity: Premium - Legendary

Card description

Green Shadow's approach is right down the middle.



Due to its cheap cost yet being able to deal a high amount of damage, it makes it reliable to be used at the very first turn of the level, where the player may obtain it for tricks.

Other methods this can be used is for Smashing Gargantuars that appear in the middle, since it has 5HeartPvZH, and prevents other Gargantuars from having frenzy easily. A Kangaroo Rider in the middle should be defeated from a use of this trick, instantly killing and stopping them from constantly returning to the zombie hero's hand.

Using Sweet Potato or Whipvine in tandem with this trick can be used as a cheap combo to take out high priority targets with high health, as they will allow you to lure zombies to the middle lane before you activate Precision Blast.


Green Shadow may have this card at any time, so avoid putting valuable zombies in the middle row. Possibly try to bait the attack by putting a cheap but powerful zombie in the center lane, like a Tennis Champ.




  • In the tutorial the player will actually receive Precision Blast not at the start of the match, but as a normal card during the 3rd turn. This is the only time a superpower card is obtained without getting it at the start of a match or by blocking an attack.
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