Power Ups are items in Plants vs. Zombies 2 which are used to kill zombies. They are often only used when the player is overwhelmed and as a last-ditch effort. There are nine Power Ups in the international version and four in the Chinese version.


Power Snow

Power Snow2

Power Snow

Description: Hold your finger down on a zombie to throw chilling snowballs at it!

Cost (International) : 1150 coins (1400 pre.- 5.8.1)

Duration: Six seconds

Replaced Power Pinch in the 1.9 update.

Replaced with Power Flame in Frostbite Caves levels.

Power Toss

Power Toss2

Power Toss

Description: Swipe a zombie to toss it around. Swipe it twice to send it off the screen!

Cost (International) : 950 coins (1200 pre.- 5.8.1)

Cost (Chinese pre.-1.1.0) : 8 diamonds (15 in 1.0.0)

Duration: Six seconds

Power Zap

Power Zap2

Power Zap

Description: Hold your finger down on a zombie to electrocute it!

Cost (International) : 800 coins (1000 pre.- 5.8.1)

Cost (Chinese pre.-1.1.0) : 8 diamonds (15 in 1.0.0)

Duration: Four seconds

Power Flame

Power Flame2

Power Flame

Description: Hold your finger down to thaw ice and burn zombies in Frostbite Caves!

Cost (International) : 1200 coins (1500 pre.- 5.8.1)

Duration: Four seconds.

Added in the 3.2 update.

Exclusive to Frostbite Caves levels in place of the Power Snow.

Power Reveal Vase

Reveal Vase2

Reveal Vase

Description: Tap to reveal the contents of one vase in Vasebreaker!

Cost (International) : 200 coins

Cost (Chinese) : 8000 coins

Duration: Instant after tapping a vase

Power Butter Zombie

Butter Zombie2

Butter Zombie

Description: Tap to butter a single Zombie in Vasebreaker!

Cost (International) : 300 coins

Cost (Chinese) : 8000 coins

Duration: Eight seconds (defeats Seagull Zombie and Zombie Parrot instantly)

Power Move Vase

Move Vase2

Move Vase

Description: Tap to select a vase, tap again to relocate to an empty tile in Vasebreaker!

Cost (International) : 400 coins

Cost (Chinese) : 8000 coins

Duration: Instant after tapping a vase

Power Shuffle


Power Shuffle

Description: Use Power Shuffle in Beghouled to shuffle plants for more matches!

Cost (International) : 200 coins

Duration: Instant

Power Shovel


Power Shovel

Description: Use Power Shovel in Beghouled to remove plants and fill in craters!

Cost (International) : 100 coins

Duration: Instant after tapping a plant or crater

Power Pinch

I think I've seen that cloud before.
The content in this section is archived. What it describes is not available anymore.
PVZ2IAT Power Pich

Description: Pinch a zombie to destroy it!

Cost (International) : 800 coins

Cost (Chinese pre.-1.1.0) : 8 diamonds (15 in 1.0.0)

Duration: Six seconds

Removed in the 1.9 update in favor of Power Snow.

Tactical Cuke (China only)


Tactical Cuke in Power Up Lab

Description: Explodes dealing 360 normal damage shots to all zombies on the screen, defeating most of them. Only deals 90 normal damage shots to Zombots.

Cost: 15 diamonds x The number you used

Duration: Instant

Update history

  • Originally there were three Power Ups: Power Pinch, Power Toss, and Power Zap.
  • In the 1.9 update, Power Pinch was replaced by Power Snow.
  • In the 2.7 update, three new Power Ups were introduced, usable only in Vasebreaker. These were the Reveal Vase, Butter Zombie, and Move Vase.
  • In the 3.1 update, Power Snow was switched with Power Flame in levels exclusive to Frostbite Caves.
  • In the 4.4.1 update, two new Power Ups were introduced, usable only in Beghouled. These were Power Shuffle and Power Shovel. Power Zap is also usable on this type of level.
  • In the 5.8.1 update, the Power Ups cost are reduced (the price used to be 1400 coins for Power Snow, 1200 coins for Power Toss and 1000 coins for Power Zap).


Normal Power Ups


Vasebreaker Power Ups

Beghouled Power Ups

Free Power Ups

Once the player fails a level continuously, an advertisement will appear with a zombie hand reaching out from the sky and handing the player a power up. The player can also expose this feature by saving and quitting a level over and over again (it happens randomly, but if the player is lucky enough, it can take only one save and quit). If it continues for a long time, the player will get one of the four power ups.

On very rare occasions, the player may get 3 free Power Zaps.



Power Up container sprite with various items

  • In the older versions of Plants vs. Zombies 2, Power Ups and Plant Food could only be used once per level in Endless Zones.
  • In Ancient Egypt - Day 5, the player cannot use any plants. Instead, they play with Power Ups for free.
  • Power Ups are free in Ancient Egypt - Day 5 only.
    • However, the player can earn free Power Ups in Piñata Parties and Endless Zones.
  • Power Flame is the most expensive Power Up.
  • The Cuke is quite similar to the Doom-shroom and Strawburst's Plant Food ability, but has a bigger range and does not leave a crater, and it deals four instant kills' worth of damage.
  • The Power Pinch was originally going to cost 1600 coins.
  • Zombies tossed by Power Toss can be blown away by Blover or Hurrikale.
  • The Power Toss does not work on Gargantuars, but they can be moved by it, and it can kill them when accompanied by a Blover or a Shrinking Violet. It does not work at all on Imp Cannons, Zombie Kings, and Fisherman Zombies.
    • Additionally, they also don't work on Dr. Zomboss and his Zombots for balancing purposes.
  • Power Toss can be used to toss hypnotized zombies, but they cannot be tossed off screen.
  • Butter Zombie is the only Power Up in Vasebreaker that affects the zombies. However, it does not deal any damage except to Seagull Zombies and Zombie Parrots.
  • Power Flame's original cost was 1000 coins.
  • Cuke is the strongest Power Up and the first plant to be an Power Up.
  • Power Flame is the first Power Up to be exclusive to a world.
  • Before version 1.8.0, Cuke could be accidentally pressed very easily. Even if the player slid their finger across it, it would activate. It was also impossible to upgrade the plant nearest to the Cuke in Fright Theater. This mistake made wasting gems more easier.
    • In 1.4.3 update, Cuke moved near "Buy Plants Food" button, this mistake be stronger then before.
    • This was fixed in the 1.8.0 version. It is now can let player to make sure to used it. But the cost will be more when you used it.
    • In 1.8.2 update, Cuke moved to the middle of the screen.
    • This also occurred to Beghouled power-ups.
  • The player cannot plant on flames created by Power Flame.
  • If the player accidentally activates a Power Up but does not use it to attack yet, the timer will not start, and no coins will be lost. If the timer has not started, the player can cancel using the Power Up by tapping the Power Up that was accidentally activated.
  • When the Cuke explodes, the player's device will automatically vibrate.