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Power Lily2
Plants vs. Zombies 2- It's About Time
Power Lily
Power Lily2
Power Lilies create one Plant Food out of thin air.
Sun cost 175
Toughness Typical
Recharge Very slow
Usage Single use, instant
Special Creates one Plant Food
Unlocked (international) NA: $2.99, EU: €2.69, UK: £1.99, TR: ₺6.49, AU: $3.79, POL: zł12.38, MEX: $39.00
Unlocked (China) Collect 38 stars in Pirate Seas
From seedling to sapling, to full grown foliage, Power Lily experience as a life coach has shown her the best way to empower and support plants everywhere.

Power Lily is a premium plant in Plants vs. Zombies 2: It's About Time that produces Plant Food for the player when planted and as well has a very slow recharge. It is an instant use plant that will disappear once it drops the Plant Food. In the Chinese version of the game, it is unlocked after collecting all stars in Pirate Seas.

Almanac Entry

Sun cost: 175

RECHARGE: Very slow

Power Lilies create one Plant food out of thin air.

Usage: single use, instant
Special: creates one Plant Food

From seedling to sapling, to full grown foliage, Power Lily experience as a life coach has shown her the best way to empower and support plants everywhere.



Only use Power Lilies in higher stages if there are few or no zombies that provide Plant Food.

Power Lilies are best used in the Endless Zones, especially after level 30, as the zombies may only drop one or two Plant Food during a level. Plant Food is very helpful for getting tons of sun by using it on Twin Sunflowers, freezing all the zombies with an Iceberg Lettuce, buttering all the zombies with a Kernel-pult, or summoning a deadly melon hail with a Winter Melon. Other than that, the player can also use it by selecting the Power Lily and its duplicate to replenish Plant Food because of Plant Food scarcity on higher levels and as well as on higher zombie concentrations. Without them, the player is forced to use Power Ups in some situations where in killing any zombies getting close to the Player's House is almost impossible.

Endless Zone

In Arthur's Challenge, especially on three digit levels where Wizard Zombies and Dark Ages Gargantuars come in great concentrations, Power Lily makes a great use here, but you must have a Tile Turnip. At least four of those can be planted on any desired column but best to be safe, from behind. Then, you can combine the power of Sun-shroom, Iceberg Lettuce, Laser Bean, Magnet-shroom, Winter Melon, or Twin Sunflower. Not only you just conserve one Plant Food but you were also able to cut off the horde and drastically increase your sun production. You may require boosting plants before entering the Endless Zone.

Consider refilling your stack by delaying the last zombie in the final wave by saving its life by digging the plant that would kill that zombie. Have the last standing zombie eat a Wall-nut. Keep the zombie busy by eating it but do not over do it, once you sense it has reached second degrade, have it repair by Wall-nut First Aid. Keep on placing Power Lilies until your Plant Food stock is full. However, the execution of this tactic will be better and faster if you can provide a copy of it.



  • Power Lily's name is a pun on flower lily.
  • Power Lily is the second plant with "Power" in its name, the first being the Power Flower. It is also the second plant with the word "Lily" in the name, the first being the Lily Pad.
  • The player can use the Plant Food from Power Lily on a Twin Sunflower for a profit of 50 (75 if 1.7) sun.
  • It is the only plant that has a Very Slow recharge in Plants vs. Zombies 2: It's About Time.
  • After it disappears, it is still considered as being there, therefore, zombies will continue eating it until they finish eating it, or until they die.
  • Power Lily's costume is a reference to the Hello Kitty shades.
  • There is a glitch in some Dark Ages levels that feature Wizard Zombies. When a Wizard Zombie turns a Power Lily into a sheep, The Power Lily will give a Plant Food and become a sheep. When the Wizard Zombie is killed, the Power Lily will turn back and give another Plant Food.
  • If Power Lily is planted at the very end of any level, it will not produce any Plant Food and just stay on the lawn.
  • Although lily is an aquatic plant, it can only be planted on soil.
  • As of the 2.7.1 update, the Power Lily can no longer be damaged by zombies.
  • If the player has the "Instant Recharge" ability and use Plant Food to instantly recharge Power Lily, Power Lily will produce another Plant Food which can instantly recharge Power Lily again so otherwise, the player can make an infinite loop (provided they have enough sun).

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