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Port Scallywag

Port Scallywag is a map on Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare. Pirate Zombies appear in it instead of normal ones. Port Scallywag is divided in two areas, the castle and village. In the middle of these two areas is a boat. Ahead is a small beach.

Game modes in which it appears



  • There is an Easter egg that appears when a player goes into the ship and to the area by the painting and camera and does a certain sequence of gestures, the camera will then take a snapshot of the player. When the player walks out the ship and to the water nearby, they will see a large shark pop out the water.
  • Along with Sharkbite Shores and Driftwood Shores, the player can drown and be instantly vanquished if they fall or walk too far into the water.
    • It is the only map out of the three to not have "Shores" in its name,

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