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These Pool Cleaners add an extra line of defense on levels with a pool!

Crazy Dave

Pool Cleaner

Pool Cleaners are Lawn Mowers for pool lanes. They can be purchased from Crazy Dave in Crazy Dave's Twiddydinkies for $1,000. Otherwise, regular Lawn Mowers only stop zombies that are out of the pool, as they sink once they fall into the water. When a zombie tries to exit the pool to enter the player's house, the Pool Cleaner will activate and suck all the zombies in the lane down the funnel sticking out of the water.

Pool cleaner
Pool Cleaner

A Pool Cleaner moving


  • If the player looks closely, they can actually see the Pool Cleaner swallowing zombies.
  • The Pool Cleaner resembles a Polaris 360 model.
  • The reason it costs $2,000 less than the Roof Cleaner is because there are only two pool lanes.
  • The "trickedout" code will not apply to Pool Cleaners, as they are not Lawn Mowers. It shares this trait with the Roof Cleaner.

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